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for healthy gums

Self-care gums

bleeding gums

Remedy bleeding gums

Prevent gum disease

Prevent gum disease

Strong teeth and healthy gums

For healthier gums

Smart technology

Smart technology

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Wireless design

Do you often suffer from bleeding gums and are not sure how to prevent it? It is important to take action when your gums are bothering you. Look no further! Fleeck's gum care package contributes to the health of your gums and help prevent gum problems such as gingivitis. Our specially formulated gum care pack, completely safe and FDA and CE approved, is designed to support and protect your gums.

Why are healthy gums so important?

Gums, also known as gums, play a crucial role in your oral health. Healthy gums are firm, pink and do not bleed when brushing or flossing. Here are some reasons why healthy gums are essential:

Prevent gum disease: Healthy gums help prevent gum disease such as gingivitis and periodontitis, which can lead to tooth loss.

Protects your teeth: Gums act as a protective cushion for your teeth and support them, keeping them firmly in place.

Prevents tooth sensitivity:A healthy gum line protects the dental necks and prevents exposure of dental nerves, which can reduce tooth sensitivity.

What's in the gum care pack

Our gum care pack contains a range of advanced oral care products to help you keep your gums in top condition:

  • Sonic electric toothbrush: This powerful toothbrush with sonic technology provides a thorough clean and stimulates your gums for better circulation.
  • Oil pulling: This ancient technique helps remove bacteria and impurities that can cause gum disease.
  • Water flosser: The water flosser gently cleans between your teeth and along your gum line, removing plaque and food debris.
  • Tongue scraper: A clean tongue is essential for fresh breath and healthy gums. Our tongue scraper removes bacteria that accumulate on your tongue.
  • Tartar remover: This handy tool helps safely remove tartar and stains, keeping your gums healthy.
  • Toothpicks with floss:Toothpicks with floss are ideal for cleaning between your teeth and removing food particles that can cause inflammation.

How to care for your gums with the gum care kit

The key to maintaining healthy gums lies in a consistent and effective oral care routine. Here's how to take care of your gums with our Gum Care Package:

  1. Use the sonic electric toothbrush: Brush your teeth at least twice a day with this powerful toothbrush. Focus on massaging your gums to improve blood flow.
  2. Do oil pulling: Start your day with oil pulling to remove harmful bacteria and revitalise your gums.
  3. Floss with the water flosser: Use the water flosser to clean between your teeth and along your gum line to fight plaque.
  4. Clean your tongue with the tongue cleaner: Make sure your tongue is clean to prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause gum disease.
  5. Treat tartar with the tartar remover: Use the tartar remover as directed to safely remove tartar.
  6. Use toothpicks with floss: Toothpicks with floss are useful for removing food debris between your teeth.

What you can do yourself about bleeding or inflamed gums

If you suffer from bleeding or inflamed gums, there are some steps you can take:

  1. Continue to brush and floss your teeth consistently.
  2. consider using a soft toothbrush to reduce irritation.
  3. Visit your dentist regularly for checkups and professional cleanings.
  4. Avoid tobacco products and limit alcohol consumption.
  5. Eat a balanced diet and avoid excessive sugar intake.

Maintaining healthy gums is a crucial part of a radiant smile and oral health. Our Gum Care Pack provides the tools you need to protect and nurture your gums. Take a step towards a healthier mouth and a radiant smile today!

Contents gum care package

  • Sonic electric toothbrush
  • Oil pulling
  • Water flosser
  • Tongue cleaner
  • Tartar remover
  • Toothpicks with floss

Manual gum care package

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  • Sonic electric toothbrush
  • Oil pulling
  • Water flosser
  • Tongue cleaner
  • Tartar remover
  • Toothpicks with floss

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