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Bracket cleaning

Cleaning braces yourself


Effective teeth cleaning

cleaning between teeth

Clean between teeth

effective-against-tooth plaque

Remove plaque

for healthy teeth

For healthy teeth

Wireless design

Cordless design

Do you often ask yourself 'what can I do myself to properly maintain and care for my teeth with braces?' Then look no further. The unique Fleeck products within this pack are the right composition to take care of your teeth with braces. Whether you wear plate braces, block braces, transparent braces or external braces. With this pack, you will brush your teeth and between brackets properly. Completely safe and FDA and CE approved. Do yourself and your smile a favour and buy Fleeck's braces care pack today!

Affordable bracket care

Have you always dreamed of having clean, fresh teeth without any annoying food particles stuck between your brackets or teeth? How would it feel when you can easily work on a radiant smile at home yourself with braces? Cleaning teeth with braces is sometimes quite difficult, but necessary for preventing the growth of bacteria, which cause irritated gums, plaque and bad breath. High time to do something about the discomforts with braces yourself.

Easy to clean your braces

If you want to take good care of your mouth with braces, there are many options. For instance, it is important to visit the orthodontist regularly, but it is also important to work on proper oral care at home during orthodontic treatment. Want to take better care of your teeth naturally? Then opt for Fleeck's braces care package.

Fresh and clean braces within minutes

Brush your teeth for 2 minutes with the sonic toothbrush. Dental plaque can build up between teeth and brackets, but using the toothpick with floss, you can easily remove bacteria and plaque between teeth. Then rinse the spaces between your teeth thoroughly with the water flosser to make sure no food particles and discolouration remain. If you follow all these steps, you can enjoy naturally clean teeth!

What's in the braces care pack?

The braces care pack contains several essential items specially formulated to promote the oral health of people with braces. Here is an explanation of the items in the pack:

  • Sonic electric toothbrush:An electric toothbrush is designed to effectively remove plaque and dirt from the surface of your teeth and braces. It has a high number of brushing movements per minute, making it clean more thoroughly and efficiently than a regular manual toothbrush.
  • Water flosser: A water flosser is a device that uses a powerful jet of water to flush away food particles and plaque between your teeth and braces. It is a gentle, effective way to achieve interdental cleaning and helps reduce plaque and promote healthy gums.
  • Toothpicks with floss:These toothpicks have floss to manually remove food debris and plaque between your teeth and braces.

These three items together form a powerful package for daily oral care when wearing braces. They help you keep your teeth clean and healthy, and reduce the risk of dental problems such as plaque, tooth decay and inflamed gums.

Discover the benefits of the braces package

Are you ready to invest in the health of your teeth? Then don't hesitate any longer and order our economical Fleeck Braces Care Package today. Within minutes, you'll be enjoying fresh and clean braces and working on that radiant smile with Fleeck!

Contents braces care package

  • Sonic electric toothbrush
  • Water flosser
  • Toothpicks with floss

Manual braces care package

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  • Sonic electric toothbrush
  • Water flosser
  • Toothpicks with floss

Complete your routine

Electric tooth cleaner

Electric tooth cleaner