Water flossers

Are you looking for an easy way to floss your teeth? With the electric water flossers from Fleeck you can remove plaque between the teeth almost effortlessly. It has been proven that the use of a water flosser works 50% better than the traditional sticks and floss. In addition, it prevents the chance of irritated or inflamed gums, because the jet of the water flosser massages the gums.

Buy a Oral irrigator at Fleeck

At Fleeck we offer different ways to floss your teeth. The electric water flosser from Fleeck flosses the teeth with water or mouthwash. You can regulate the intensity of the water jet yourself by means of the various settings. The water jet can easily reach those spots that are difficult to reach, which will make your teeth feel cleaner. This form of flossing is very suitable for people who wear braces, because you can easily clean the space between your brackets. 

What is a Water Flosser

With the electric water flosser from Fleeck you can easily clean between the teeth, the water jet will make sure you can clean between the teeth properly and easily. Between the teeth a lot of bacteria accumulate, which can cause plaque and tartar. In order to prevent tartar and cavities, it is important to keep the spaces between your teeth clean.

Advantages of Water Flossers

The oral irrigator massages the gums and the dental necks. This improves the blood circulation in the gums and reduces the risk of gum inflammation and irritation. The oral irrigator contributes to strong and healthy teeth, because it removes built-up plaque and food residue between the teeth. 

Water flossers against tartar and plaque

Dentists and dental hygienists recommend flossing to people who suffer from incipient cavities. Cavities often occur between the teeth and although they are almost impossible to repair, it is necessary to practice good interdental oral hygiene in order to prevent them from getting bigger. The  oral irrigator from Fleeck is the perfect solution.