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Remove plaque


Charcoal infused

against bacteria

Against bacteria

For a fresher breath

Fresher breath

50 floss picks

50 floss picks


For healthy teeth

Daily removal of plaque and food particles between your teeth is a habit we should not ignore. Fortunately, our dental floss sticks offer an effective and quick way to prevent cavities and keep your mouth healthy. Let's take a closer look at what this product has to offer.

Multifunctional floss toothpicks with floss

What makes this product special is the combination of floss and a toothpick in one. As a result, you are equipped with a multifunctional tool that removes plaque as well as food particles between your teeth and around your gums. Flossing teeth is an effective way to keep your teeth healthy. But sometimes the long floss sticks can be inconvenient, especially near the back teeth. Our floss toothpicks offer the ideal solution. These interdental brushes have a curved end with floss on it, and on the other side is a small toothpick. With these, you can not only floss, but also remove food particles between your teeth and gums.

Effective against plaque

To keep your teeth clean, brushing your teeth every day is a good start. However, a normal toothbrush often cannot sufficiently clean the spaces between your teeth. Therefore, it is recommended to floss and rag daily. This gets between your teeth and removes plaque between your teeth, preventing tooth decay and cavities. After all, plaque can build up into tartar, or calculus, on your teeth.

Daily use of our floss toothpicks can effectively remove up to 80% plaque between your teeth.

Charcoal for whiter teeth

Besides removing plaque, our dental sticks with dental floss offer another benefit. They are infused with charcoal (charcoal), which helps whiten your teeth. This ensures a radiant smile and more self-confidence.

Difference and sdvantages floss picks and toothpicks

Removing bacteria for fresh breath

Our toothpicks with floss also help fight harmful bacteria in your mouth. This contributes to a healthier mouth and reduces the risk of inflammation and gum disease. Fresh breath is very important for your self-confidence and social interactions. Our toothpicks with floss not only help remove unwanted odours, but also leave your mouth feeling wonderfully fresh due to the fresh mint flavour.

Packed in a convenient quantity

Our pack contains as many as 50 floss picks, ensuring that you are provided with high-quality oral care for a long time. This means less worry and more convenience.

Using toothpicks with floss

Use our floss picks easily with these steps:

  1. Pick a Fleeck floss pick.
  2. Place the floss between your teeth.
  3. Make zigzagging movements to remove plaque.
  4. Use the stoker on the other side to remove food particles.
  5. Rinse your mouth and enjoy fresh teeth!

Toothpicks as an alternative to flossing

Toothpicks and floss have a similar function in cleaning teeth. Both ensure that the spaces between the teeth are properly cleaned. Nor is one necessarily substitutable for the other, but it depends on how much space there is between your teeth. For teeth that are very close together, you can opt for dental floss, while the toothpick, on the other hand, works better with a bit more space between teeth. It is always important to use additional oral care in addition to brushing your teeth, and both flossing and staking are important parts of this.

Use durable PLA toothpicks

Many people use wooden toothpicks, but the disadvantage of these is that if used incorrectly, they can quickly irritate your gums and often break off. Our dental sticks with floss are designed to prevent tooth decay and are made of durable materials. This makes them good not only for your teeth, but also for the environment. This is why our product from Fleeck is an excellent alternative, which is made from a sustainable alternative to plastic: PLA filament. This makes it biodegradable and eco-friendly. It is recommended to brush and floss at least once a day.

Our PLA toothpicks are 100% biodegradable, contributing to an eco-friendly choice.

Conveniently order the best toothpicks online at Fleeck

These multipurpose toothpicks are effective against plaque, contain charcoal for whiter teeth, fight bacteria, provide fresh breath and are packed in a convenient quantity. Simply and quickly order our dental floss sticks and contribute to the health of your teeth. To make your oral care complete, you can also combine it with our bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste tablets. This way, you will emerge with a radiant smile every day!

Content dental floss picks

  • Content: 50 pc dental floss picks
  • Storage: store in a cool dark and dry plae
  • Caution: keep away from children and pets children under the age of 12 should only use under supervision. gentle flossing, do not force the floss. Gums may bleed, ask dentist if bleeding persists
  • Materials: PLA, bamboo charcoal, menthol, coconut oil, plant based essential oil
  • Article number: fdfp10
  • Total weight: 50 grams
  • Minimum age: 12 years

Manual dental floss picks

Using the Fleeck dental floss picks is very easy. In the following 5 steps, we explain how you can use this product safely and get maximum results.

Step 1: Place the floss between the teeth, using a zigzag movement to clean the spaces between the teeth.

Step 2: Repeat on each tooth, focusing on the spaces between the teeth and the gum line to remove plaque.

Step 3: Use the tip of the toothpick to remove food particles between the teeth.

Step 4: Rinse mouth after use.

Step 5: Enjoy fresh teeth!

Caution! You may experience bleeding of the gums when using the interdental brushes and dental sticks, do not be alarmed. This is a sign that your gums are irritated. If you use the floss-toothpick more often, you will notice that the bleeding will decrease and eventually stop.

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