Toothpicks are designed to remove plaque and food debris from between the teeth. Dentists and dental hygienists recommend flossing daily, preferably even after every meal. This way you prevent food residues and plaque from getting stuck between the teeth, which can cause nasty dental problems like tartar, inflamed gums or cavities.

Buying toothpicks at Fleeck

Fleeck offers various options for cleaning between the teeth, such as dental picks and floss, as well as durable bamboo sticks. The toothpicks with floss can be used to keep areas between the teeth clean. If you are interested in flossing with water, check out the Fleeck electric water flosser.

What are toothpicks?

They are meant to clean and keep clean the areas between the teeth. In order to clean teeth in the best possible way, you need the right toothpick and the right size. When your teeth are further apart you need a larger sized toothpick to clean effectively, when the space is narrower you need a narrower stick to clean the areas properly.

Why use toothpicks

They a good addition to your daily dental care. Despite the fact that dentists strongly recommend the use of interdental brushes twice a day, this is often neglected. A shame, because interdental care is an important factor in maintaining healthy gums and strong teeth. By using toothpicks or floss daily, you can prevent plaque and tartar build-up and keep your teeth fresh.

Other forms of interdental oral care

It is important to use toothpicks daily, to keep your teeth healthy. Combine this form of oral care with the other products like the sonic toothbrush, toothpastes and mouth rinses from Fleeck.