Toothpaste tablets mint with fluoride


Toothpaste tablets mint with fluoride

Toothpaste tablets with fluoride

With fluoride


Packed per month


Free of microplastics


Animal-friendly product


Against plaque


Fresh mint flavour


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Are you looking for toothpaste tablets with fluoride? These 62 tabs are made from natural ingredients and have a natural fresh mint flavour. So you enjoy a plastic-free brushing experience!

  • The latest trend in brushing
  • Natural fresh mint flavour
  • Sustainably and plastic-free brushing your teeth

Want to buy toothpaste tablets with a fresh mint flavour? The tablets from Fleeck fight tooth discolouration and plaque and provide an irresistible fresh breath. In addition, you save a lot of plastic with this environmentally friendly alternative for toothpaste in tubes.  The natural ingredients of these toothpaste tablets have been carefully selected to provide the best brushing experience.

Toothpaste without microplastics

Every year, millions of plastic tubes end up in the rubbish, which are hardly ever recycled. In addition, toothpastes often contain minuscule particles of plastic to enhance the toothpaste. Time to do something about this! Our toothpaste tablets are free of microplastics and tabs are packed in reusable and zero waste packaging, this way we work together against waste. The plastic-free toothpaste ensures that you can brush your teeth without a care in the world.

Fresh natural mint flavour

The mint gives the tabs a fresh taste. In addition, it ensures fresh breath. Bad breath is a common problem. Among other things, bacteria and acids in the mouth cause the stinky sulphurous smell. Besides the fact that this is not very fresh, it is fortunately in many cases easy to prevent by using the right oral hygiene products. With this product from Fleeck, bad breath is easily remedied. They provide that clean and fresh feeling you are looking for when brushing your teeth. You can enjoy a mild and fresh minty flavour.

Convenient on the go

Fleeck's toothpaste tablets are ideal for on the go. They are easy to take with you because of their handy size and you no longer have to worry about leaking tubes. In addition, you can take exactly the right amount with you when you are on the road, on a long holiday or at the weekend. You can easily divide the tabs and 1 tab equals 1 cleaning. Another big advantage for travelling is that you don't have to worry about giving away the ml. The anhydrous tablets are compact and are therefore allowed in the hand luggage.

Natural toothpaste tablets for sensitive teeth

The natural toothpaste from Fleeck protect your teeth. They fight plaque and help prevent cavities.  Also if you suffer from sensitive teeth or irritated gums, Fleeck's toothpaste tablets offer the solution. Because we use mild ingredients that take care of your teeth and clean them well. The chance of gum problems and cavities is reduced.

The best toothpaste tablets of 2022

Are you looking for the best toothpaste tablets of 2022? Then you have just found it! These minty-tasting tabs are the perfect basis for your oral care. They are effective against unpleasant odours, plaque and discolouration. The must have for your daily oral care routine!

Buy mint toothpaste tablets at Fleeck

Do you want to buy good toothpaste tablets? At Fleeck, you have come to the right place. The tablets contribute to the health of your teeth and fresh breath. In addition, they are the perfect alternative to toothpaste in plastic tubes. Combine this product with the bamboo toothbrush and oil pulling to complete your natural dental care.


  • Zero waste and plastic-free brushing
  • Vegan and free of animal testing
  • Free of microplastics

Content of toothpaste tablets

  • Content : 62 toothpaste tablets (1 month’s supply)
  • Storage : store sealed in a cool and dry place
  • Note : toothpaste tablets: chew, brush do not swallow. Keep away from children and pets. Children under 12 years of age to be used only under supervision. Contains fluoride 1445 PPM
  • Ingredients : microcrystalline cellulose, xylitol, erythritol, natural mint flavour, sodium fluoride, calcium carbonate, sodium cocoyl isethionate, sodium bicarbonate
  • Total weight : 75 grams
  • Article number : fttmwf10
  • Minimum age : 12 years

Manual toothpaste tablets

Using Fleeck toothpaste tablets is very easy. In the following 5 steps, we will explain to you how to use this product safely and get maximum results.

Step 1: Take a tablet and chew it through. 

Step 2: Brush your teeth with a (bamboo) toothbrush as usual for 2 minutes. 

Step 3: After the 2 minutes of brushing, you can spit out the toothpaste.

Step 4:Rinse the (bamboo) toothbrush with water.

Step 5: Enjoy clean and fresh teeth!


Nicole S.

Easy to take with you when travelling & fine taste.

Walter v D

Absolutely recommended for anyone fed up with the tubes, no more mess. Fresh breath thanks to the mint.


Fine tablets to brush with. Nice that both Fleeck and I are contributing to a cleaner ocean!

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trustpilot fleeck


Based on 50 reviews

Tim M

Goodbye electric brushing!

I myself had never heard of sonic brushing before, having used an electric toothbrush myself for years, I have now switched to sonic brushing, I don't want to go back!


Always on time and a good result

Already ordered three times from fleeck and not once disappointed


The delivery was fast and the products...

The delivery was fast and the products are very nicely packaged. Besides, very nice to be able to contribute to a cleaner ocean. Win win win!

Walter v D

As far as I am concerned, already the surprise of...

As far as I am concerned, already the surprise of 2023. After much searching, I chose Fleeck's product. Quality is very good. Delivery fast and as agreed. I will definitely come back here again for follow-up purchases.

Daniël L.

Customer care

Delivery had a delay. Great customer care afterwards

Marjan R.

Very satisfied

Very satisfied

A. Dressel

I had the product neatly packaged very...

I had the product neatly packaged very quickly. Top.


Good products and fast delivery

Very satisfied. Fast delivery, received the next day. My teeth really feel smoother since I brush with the sonic toothbrush.


Very happy with the toothbrush and...

Very happy with the toothbrush and tartar remover! Been using them for a few weeks now and my teeth are really much cleaner. Also super convenient that you don't have to charge them as often.

Thea de J.

Fast delivery and good communication

Fast delivery and good communication



Super! Great products and service!