Toothpaste Tablets

Are you looking for the best toothpaste tablets for your teeth? Then you have come to the right place at Fleeck. We have a wide range of toothpastes with which we can offer the right dental care for every type of teeth. We look at the latest trends in the field of oral care, which has enabled us to expand our range of toothpastes with the natural toothpaste tablets from Fleeck. With the toothpastes from Fleeck, you can be sure of brilliant and well-groomed teeth!

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Do you suffer from yellow teeth and need whiter teeth? Then take a look at our whitening toothpastes. Do you suffer from sensitive teeth? If so, the sensitive toothpaste from Fleeck is certainly worth checking out. Are you not a fan of the strong menthol taste of toothpaste? Then I recommend that you take a look at our toothpaste tablets and the natural charcoal toothpaste.

Toothpaste tablets

Do you want to brush your teeth and contribute to a better climate? Then choose the toothpaste tablets from Fleeck. By doing so, you will not waste any tubes and you will contribute to a greener world. The toothpaste tablets work just as well as regular toothpaste. The sustainable toothpaste tablets are better for your teeth and better for the environment. What are you waiting for? View the toothpaste tablets of Fleek here.

White teeth through whitening toothpaste

Do you suffer from discoloured teeth due to coffee and tea stains and would you like to have whiter teeth? Fleeck’s whitening toothpastes reduce the discolouration and make your teeth whiter. Our whitening toothpaste is inexpensive and suitable for use at home. With the whitening toothpaste from Fleeck, you can easily whiten your teeth at home. 

Natural whitening toothpaste

Are you looking for a more natural toothpaste variant to whiten your teeth? If so, the charcoal toothpaste is for you! Thanks to the active charcoal in this charcoal toothpaste, your teeth become whiter. In addition, this is a natural tooth whitener, with a detoxifying effect based on natural ingredients. 

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Do you suffer from sensitive teeth and sensitive gums? Then try the sensitive toothpaste from Fleeck. Toothpastes with aggressive ingredients and sharp ingredients such as menthol can irritate your teeth and gums. Fleeck’s sensitive toothpaste offers the solution for your sensitive teeth. With mild ingredients that take good care of your teeth and gums and active substances that clean your teeth properly. 

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Which toothpaste is best for you depends on your needs. The best toothpaste contains the right amount of fluoride and removes plaque and deposits without damaging your enamel. With the toothpastes from Fleeck, you can keep your mouth healthy.