Refill heads sonic toothbrush

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two years

DuPont brush heads

35000 vibrations per minute

35,000 vibrations per minute

Whiten teeth yourself

For strong teeth

for healthy gums

For healthy gums

cleaning between teeth

Clean between teeth

Preventing cavities

Prevent cavities

A healthy mouth starts with proper dental care. Our Dupont sonic toothbrush heads are the perfect addition to your oral care routine. These not only offer gentle care for your gums, but also some unique product features that keep your teeth in top condition.

Replaceable brush heads for sonic toothbrush

As with regular toothbrushes, electric toothbrush heads should be replaced every 3 months. Whether they are regular electric toothbrush heads or sonic toothbrush heads, they should all be replaced regularly.

Did you know that the sonic movements of the brush heads ensure more thorough cleaning, even in hard-to-reach areas of your mouth.

Smart replacement reminder for a fresh start

It's sometimes hard to keep track of when it's time to replace your brush head. Our brushes feature a handy replacement reminder in the form of coloured bristles. As soon as the bristles wear down and change colour, you know it's time to renew your brush head. This helps you to always brush with an optimal brush and ensure the health of your teeth.

Soft brush heads for healthier gums

The brush head is specially designed to be gentle on your gums. They clean thoroughly but without putting excessive pressure on gums, ensuring optimal gum comfort. As a result, you enjoy effective cleaning without irritating your gums. Healthy gums are an important aspect of oral care and with these brush heads, you can keep your gums in top condition.

Did you know that replacing your brush heads regularly is essential for effective oral care? That is why it is recommended to replace your brush head every 3 months

Powerful cleaning for strong teeth

Our brushes are not only gentle on your gums, but also effective in cleaning and strengthening your teeth. They thoroughly remove plaque and food particles, giving you cleaner, stronger teeth. The toothbrush's powerful sonic vibrations, combined with our brush heads, help prevent cavities and other dental problems.

40,000 vibrations per minute for fresh breath

One of the specifications that sets our Dupont brush heads apart is their ability to generate up to 40,000 vibrations per minute when combined with the Fleeck sonic toothbrush. These high-frequency vibrations ensure thorough and effective cleaning. Plaque and food particles are removed from your teeth and gums with ease, allowing you to enjoy fresh and clean breath.

Invest in the health of your mouth with our Dupont sonic toothbrush heads. Get strong teeth, healthy gums and a radiant smile. Order your brushes now and make oral care an essential part of your daily routine.

Contents refill heads sonic toothbrush

  • 2x DuPont brush heads

Manual refill heads sonic toothbrush

Using the brush heads for Fleeck’s sonic toothbrush is very easy. In the following 5 steps, we will show you how to use this product safely and get maximum benefit.

Step 1: Remove the old brush head from the toothbrush.

Step 2: Remove the sonic brush head from the packaging.

Step 3: Brush your teeth as usual for 2 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse the brush with water after use.

Step 5: Enjoy clean and fresh teeth!

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