Refill Heads Sonic Toothbrush



Voordeel-van-Fleeck-300pixels Two extra Fleeck brush heads

Voordeel-van-Fleeck-300pixels Sonic technology: 35,000 vibrations p/m

Voordeel-van-Fleeck-300pixels Five different modes

Voordeel-van-Fleeck-300pixels Subtle signal every 30 seconds

Voordeel-van-Fleeck-300pixels Ordered before 23h = home tomorrow!

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Refill heads sonic electric toothbrush

These Fleeck brush heads for the Fleeck sonic toothbrush are made of the highest quality for maximum plaque removal. This without damaging your enamel or gums. This provides your teeth with an extra thorough cleaning within 2 minutes!

DuPont brush heads

The DuPont brush head is a special, precise feature of the sonic electric toothbrush. The brushes have an oval shape and contain precise cilia that change direction quickly (within 0.1 seconds). In addition, they vibrate at a speed of 35,000 vibrations per minute.

The vibrations are transferred well and accurately to your teeth by the special, soft bristles. The brush heads have non-abrasive soft bristles. In addition, they feel sturdy. The round shape protects the gums and hugs the teeth. This way you can accurately remove all plaque and tooth discoloration with the toothbrush bristles. This prevents damage to your tooth enamel and prevents sensitive gums and pain. Finally: the DuPont brush heads are equipped with a replacement reminder. Change the colors so you know when to replace the brush heads.

How does the sonic electric toothbrush work?

With daily use, our sonic electric toothbrush can provide greatly improved oral hygiene. Our toothbrush not only removes plaque, but also tooth discoloration and can even prevent tartar build-up. You can also get healthier gums and whiter teeth. All this is possible thanks to the revolutionary Sonic Vibration technology.

The toothbrush has 3 different vibration speeds that emit three high frequency vibrations. These go to the surface of each tooth and molar, up to the gum line. These vibrations ensure that dental plaque is loosened and washed away. The plaque is replaced by new, harmless toothpaste molecules that form a strong, protective layer. This layer protects the teeth against new impurities and prevents them from re-attaching to the tooth surface. You will notice that your teeth feel clean and smooth. But that’s not all.

Purchase brush heads for the electric & sonic toothbrush

You can buy the best electric sonic toothbrush heads from Fleeck. The brush heads have been tested in a laboratory and equipped with the latest technology. For example, the toothbrush has the latest Sonic Vibration technology and you can set the brush in three different positions. You can do this anywhere: the toothbrush has an IP7 rating. The accompanying sonic toothbrush is waterproof and suitable for in the bath or shower. You can use our sonic Fleeck toothbrush with any kind of toothpaste. Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes with the sonic electric toothbrush and experience clean and beautiful, white teeth. Always on Fleek!

You can buy the sonic brush heads on our website, as well as the other safe and affordable products for beautiful whiter teeth and good dental health. Do you have questions about our electric and sonic toothbrush? That is why we have compiled a special Dutch manual for you. Still have questions? Our customer service is ready for you and we always think along with you.


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