Nano Toothbrush


Are you looking for a bamboo toothbrush with ultra-fine bristles? This is a must-have in sustainable oral care. The nano bristles are gentle on the teeth and ensure they are brushed clean. The durable and sturdy bamboo wood also contributes to the environment. A real asset for a natural brushing experience!

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  • Made of durable bamboo
  • Fine and soft nano bristles
  • Suitable for sensitive gums
  • Special brushing experience
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Buy a special nano toothbrush? It allows you to brush your teeth easily and in a natural way. The nano bristles provide a pleasant brushing experience and ultra clean teeth. It is important to use the best oral care products to contribute to healthy fresh teeth and natural white teeth. Having a good oral care starts with brushing twice a day. With this product, this is a piece of cake. The bristles move delicately through the mouth and thanks to the sustainable production, you do your bit for a greener environment. 

Toothbrush with 10.0000 nano bristles

The thousands of soft and fine nano-bristles ensure that even the smallest corners of the teeth are reached. In addition, the bristles give a fine massage to the dental necks, which is beneficial for the blood circulation in the gums. The bristles are also flexible and adapt to your teeth, making it easy to clean them. 

Bamboo Nano toothbrush for sensitive teeth

The bamboo toothbrush is ideal for people who suffer from sensitive gums. Bleeding gums are a common problem. Exerting too much pressure or brushing with a too hard brush can cause irritated gums, damage or receding gums. A soft toothbrush and proper brushing technique can help prevent this.

Recycle or reuse 

This product is easily recyclable and is a sustainable alternative to plastic toothbrushes. We recommend breaking off the brush head or removing the BPA-free bristles with pliers to achieve this. The handle and packaging are both 100% biodegradable and can be recycled with the green waste. Unfortunately, the bristles are not yet biodegradable, but they are easily compostable. Currently, there is no plant material that can replace the quality of these bristles and have a lifespan of three months. You can also reuse it for other purposes, such as cleaning the grout.

The best bamboo Nano toothbrush of 2022

Are you looking for the best bamboo toothbrush of 2022? Good news, you found it! This is the trend in brushing. It brushes your teeth clean and removes plaque. It is also ideal for sensitive teeth, the fine bristles provide a special brushing experience. This product from Fleeck is the right addition to your oral care range. The special design and the environmentally friendly aspect ensure that this is a real must have! 

Buy your nano toothbrush at Fleeck

Would you like to buy a bamboo toothbrush? Then look no further, the soft nano bristles brush your teeth clean and fresh and contribute to the health of your gums. Combine this product with the mint toothpaste tablets or the charcoal toothpaste tablets to complete your natural dental care.


  • Made of durable bamboo wood
  • Soft and fine bristles
  • Massages the gums
  • Suitable for sensitive teeth

Contents and packaging

  • 1x bamboo toothbrush nano

Using the bamboo toothbrush nano from Fleek is very easy. In the following 5 steps we will explain how to use this product in a safe way and how to get maximum results.

Step 1: Remove the Nano bamboo toothbrush from the packaging.

Step 2: Evenly spread your favorite toothpaste on the bamboo toothbrush. Are you looking for a natural alternative? Then use the toothpaste tablets from Fleeck.

Step 3: Dampen the toothbrush if desired and brush your teeth with a back and forth motion for 2 minutes, keeping the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle for improved brushing technique.  

Step 4: After 2 minutes, spit out the toothpaste and rinse the toothbrush with water.

Step 5: Enjoy clean and fresh teeth!

Important tip: To increase the lifetime of the soft bamboo toothbrush, we recommend storing it in a dry place and upright. It is recommended by dentists to replace the toothbrush every 3 months.