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Preventing cavities

Preventing cavities yourself

preventive oral care for healthy teeth

Preventive dental care


Prevent tartar & plaque

Strong teeth and healthy gums

For strong teeth

smart technology

Smart technology

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Wireless design

Want to prevent cavities in teeth and take optimal care of your teeth? Discover the unique Fleeck cavity prevention package ket, formulated to strengthen tooth enamel, reduce sensitivity and provide protection against cavities.

Why choose the cavity prevention package?

Have you ever wondered how to effectively prevent cavities yourself? With Fleeck's anti-cavity package, you can put those worries behind you. Every day your teeth are exposed to various foods and poorer oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay and cavities. Now is the time to actively work on maintaining your bright smile and give your teeth the care they deserve.

How does the anti-caries package work?

The cavity prevention pack offers the ideal solution for natural dental care and cavity prevention. Start your daily routine by brushing for two minutes with the sonic toothbrush and toothpaste tablets with fluoride and a refreshing mint flavour. Remove tartar easily with the included tartar remover. For extensive cleaning between the teeth, use the water flosser and floss.

The benefits of the package to prevent cavities

  • Tooth enamel strengthening: Thanks to the fluoride in the products, tooth enamel is significantly strengthened and protected.
  • Reduce tooth sensitivity: The toothpaste with fluoride helps reduce tooth and tooth sensitivity.
  • Protect against tartar:The tartar remover in the kit makes it easy to remove tartar between teeth.
  • Fresh breath: The oral care products safely fights harmful sulphur compounds that cause bad breath.
  • Preventing gum inflammation: The oral care products protect gums and prevent inflammation.

What's in the package?

  • Mint-flavoured toothpaste tablets with fluoride: Enriched with fluoride, these toothpaste tablets are designed to thoroughly clean your teeth and strengthen your tooth enamel. Fluoride is essential in preventing tooth decay, as it helps protect your teeth from acids and harmful bacteria that cause cavities.
  • Sonic electric toothbrush: The sonic electric toothbrush is designed to effectively remove plaque from the surface of your teeth. By removing plaque, the toothbrush helps reduce the risk of tooth decay and cavities.
  • Water flosser: The water flosser is a powerful tool to remove food particles and plaque between your teeth. By facilitating interdental cleaning, the water flosser helps prevent tooth decay and cavities.
  • Tartar remover: The included tartar remover is designed to remove tartar between your teeth. Tartar can damage tooth enamel and promote the growth of harmful bacteria, which can lead to cavities.
  • Wood charcoal dental floss: The charcoal dental floss is an effective tool to remove food debris and plaque between your teeth. By doing so, it contributes to overall oral health and the prevention of cavities.

With Fleeck, you can be assured of a smile without worrying about cavities. Order the Anti-Holes Package today and discover the benefits of healthy and radiant teeth. It's time to take the step towards a healthier mouth and a radiant smile.

Contents Cavity Prevention Package

  • Toothpaste tablets mint with fluoride
  • Electric sonic toothbrush
  • Water flosser
  • Tartar remover
  • Charcoal floss

Manual Cavity Prevention Package

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  • Toothpaste tablets mint with fluoride
  • Electric sonic toothbrush
  • Water flosser
  • Tartar remover
  • Charcoal floss

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