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Are you suffering from tartar? This electric tartar remover from Fleeck gives you that dentist clean feeling you are looking for. With its sonic vibrations, you can easily and quickly remove tartar yourself.
  • Remove tartar easily yourself
  • Ultrasonic vibrations
  • Handy attachments and LED lighting
Want to buy a tooth cleaner? With this electric tooth cleaner from Fleeck, you can easily remove tartar and discolouration from the teeth yourself. The ultrasonic vibrations ensure that the hard plaque buildup between the teeth and around the dental necks is easily removed.

What is tartar?

A lot of bacteria and plaque build up between the teeth and around the gums during the day. When these are not removed, they get the chance to calcify. This is when tartar occurs. It mainly occurs in the areas just below the gums and behind and between your teeth. These are the areas that are often forgotten when brushing your teeth. It is important to clean these areas to prevent cavities and gum problems such as irritated gums.

Easy tartar removal

Tartar is a common dental problem. It forms easily, but is difficult to remove without the right tools. The costs of removing tartar can be high. Therefore, Fleeck offers the possibility to safely remove this yourself with a cheap and effective solution. With this device you can give yourself a professional treatment at home and experience that dentist clean feeling without high costs. 

Ultrasonic vibrations

With the 3 handy vibration frequencies of the tooth cleaner you can easily remove tartar yourself. The high intensity mode is suitable for persistent tartar and the soft and medium mode are suitable for regular use. You can easily adjust the intensity of the vibrations yourself and the display shows which mode you are using, so you can find the vibration frequency that works best for you.  

LED light

The built-in LED lighting of the tooth cleaner ensures good visibility. The LED lighting has a high intensity so you can see the working area well. It also makes the smaller problem areas stand out. This allows you to remove more plaque, which reduces the risk of cavities. 

Electric tooth cleaner against yellow teeth

Fleeck's cordless dental cleaner contributes to whiter teeth. With the attachments you can easily tackle discoloured teeth. When you smoke or drink a lot of coffee or tea, smoke stains, tea stains or coffee stains can occur. This can be recognised by the yellow discolouration, brown discolouration or black discolouration on the teeth. By removing the tarnish on the teeth this tool, the natural white colour of the teeth is brought out better.

Various handy interchangeable attachments

The different heads are designed for specific cleaning of the tooth surface or around the gums. The special curved shape of the head ensures that you can easily reach the awkward corners and grooves of the teeth, without damaging the tooth enamel. The included mouth mirror can be used to check problem areas in the mouth and the convenient charging cable makes it easy to recharge so you can enjoy tartar-free and on-fleeck teeth forever. 

Tooth cleaner

Tartar often cannot be removed by brushing. Tartar is a lot harder than plaque. It has had a chance to calcify and is firmly stuck around the tooth. It is not recommended to use materials that are not intended for this purpose as it can damage the gums and tooth enamel. The best way to prevent tartar is to brush daily and use interdental tools that clean between the teeth, such as a water flosser or tooth cleaner.

The best tooth cleaner of 2022

If you are looking for the best tooth cleaner of 2022, then look no further. This sonic device is the right addition to your oral care routine. It provides an effective cleaning of the teeth.  In addition, the sleek design gives it a cool look, making this a must-have in your bathroom. The many different possibilities of this device ensure that the Fleeck tooth cleaner is a real asset in your daily oral care. 

Buy your tooth cleaner at Fleeck

Do you want to buy a good tooth cleaner? At Fleeck you are at the right address. The appliance contributes to healthy gums and better oral hygiene. Combine this product with the sonic electric toothbrush for example, to make your dental care complete.


  • IPX6 Waterproof
  • Convenient Auxiliary LED lighting
  • Cleans between the teeth
  • Removes discolouration
  • Ideal for the removal of tartar

Content and packaging

  • Tooth cleaner
  • 4 attachments
  • Mouth mirror

Tooth Cleaner Content

Working modes: 3 modes
Charging voltage: DC 5V
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Battery capacity: 400MAH
Charging time: 2 hours
Waterproof rating: IPX6
Item number: FTC10
Total weight: 0.24 KG
Minimum age: 18 years
Package contents: 1x main unit 1x flat cleaning head 2x hook-shaped cleaning head 1x tongue cleaning head 1x dental mirror 1x DC charging cable

Manual tooth cleaner

Using Fleeck’s electric tooth cleaner is very easy. In the following 5 steps, we will explain how to use this product safely and achieve maximum results.

Step 1: Remove the tooth cleaner from its packaging. Place the desired attachment on the holder.

Step 2: Look carefully in the mirror and with the LED lamp where you see plaque and tartar in the mouth, then choose the desired setting. You can do this by pressing the on-off button in the.

Step 3: Carefully bring the tartar remover to the desired area in the mouth. Use the tip of the hook to gently remove the tartar. To activate the LED light, you can press the on-off button twice.

Step 4: Turn on the sonic tooth cleaner and you will notice that the tartar will come loose. Repeat until you have covered all the desired areas.

Step 5: Rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash. Enjoy a fresh and dentist-clean feeling.

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