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Remove tartar yourself

35000 vibrations per minute

Sonic vibrations

Preventing cavities

Prevent cavities

for healthy gums

For healthy teeth

Smart technology

Smart technology

Wireless design

Wireless design

Remove tartar at home

Are you suffering from tartar and wondering how to remove tartar at home? Our tartar package is the solution you have been looking for. Tartar can lead to serious oral problems, including tooth decay, gum disease and foul breath. Daily factors such as sugars, coffee, alcohol and poor oral hygiene contribute to tartar build-up. Our package is designed to address these issues and improve your oral health.

What is tartar?

Tartar, also known as plaque, is the hard deposits that build up on your teeth and gums. It can lead to discomfort, bad breath and even gum disease. Our product allows you to remove tartar effectively and safely at home, without expensive dental visits.

Accumulation of tartar can lead to gum disease such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

What's in the tartar removal package?

Our tartar removal package contains high-quality oral care products specially selected to effectively fight and prevent tartar.

  1. Sonic electric toothbrush: Our sonic technology provides deep cleaning to prevent tartar by removing plaque.
  2. Water flosser: The water flosser is ideal for cleaning the spaces between your teeth, where plaque accumulates and tartar can form.
  3. Tartar remover: This tool is designed to effectively remove tartar and stains.
  4. Tongue scraper: Cleaning your tongue is essential, as many plaque and bacteria that cause bad breath are located there.

Why is tartar removal so important?

Tartar is harmful to your oral health. It can lead to problems such as cavities, inflamed gums and, in worse cases, even tooth loss. Tartar can also lead to smelly breath, which can affect your self-confidence. So it is crucial to prevent and remove tartar. Our tartar removal package is designed to make this task easier.

Advantages of removing tartar yourself

  • Safe to use:With carefully selected materials, our product is safe for your teeth and gums, so you can clean with confidence.
  • Easy to use:Thanks to its user-friendly design, removing tartar yourself has never been easier. Just follow the simple steps and enjoy a fresh, clean smile.

Accumulation of tartar can lead to discomfort, bad breath and even gum disease.

How the tartar removal package works

Using our tartar removal package is simple and effective. Follow these steps to remove and prevent tartar:

  1. Brush your teeth for 2 minutes with the sonic electric toothbrushl.
  2. Use the tartar remover to remove tartar and discolouration between teeth.
  3. Rinse the spaces between your teeth with the water flosser to ensure that no food particles and discolouration remain.
  4. Complete your oral hygiene by cleaning your tongue with the included tongue scraper.

What you can do yourself against tartar between the teeth

Do you often ask yourself what you can do yourself to remove and prevent tartar? Fleeck's tartar removal pack offers the right products and composition to help you get rid of tartar. It contains high-quality products that help both prevent and remove tartar.

Contents tartar prevention package

  • Sonic electric toothbrush
  • Water flosser
  • Tartar remover
  • Tongue scraper

Instructions for the Tartar Package

Scan the QR code on the packaging to access detailed instructions on how to use each product in this tartar package.

Instructions for the electric sonic toothbrush

  1. Step 1: Carefully remove the sonic toothbrush from the packaging.
  2. Step 2: Place the brush head on the holder and choose the desired brushing mode from the 5 available modes. Press the power button to do so.
  3. Step 3: Brush your teeth as usual for 2 minutes.
  4. Step 4: Rinse the brush thoroughly with water after use.
  5. Step 5: Enjoy clean and fresh teeth!

Instructions for the mouth shower

  1. Step 1:Place the desired attachment on the mouth shower.
  2. Step 2:Open the water reservoir and fill the oral irrigator with water.
  3. Step 3: Place the end of the mouthpiece between the teeth, select the desired position and turn on the mouth shower.
  4. Step 4: Slowly sweep the mouth shower along the teeth to remove plaque.
  5. Step 5: Rinse and dry the mouthpiece after use.

Instructions for the tartar remover

  1. Step 1: Carefully remove the scaler from the packaging. Place the desired attachment on the holder.
  2. Step 2: Look in the mirror and use the LED light to see exactly where plaque and tartar are. Select the desired setting by pressing the on/off button on the device.
  3. Step 3: Gently place the scaler on the desired spot in the mouth. Use the tip of the hook to gently remove tartar. Press the on/off button twice to activate the LED light.
  4. Step 4: Turn on the sonic tartar remover and notice how tartar loosens. Repeat the process until all desired areas have been treated.
  5. Step 5: Rinse your mouth with water for a fresh and feel.

Instructions for the tongue cleaner

  1. Step 1: Open your mouth and stick out your tongue for easy access to the back of the tongue.
  2. Step 2: Hold both handles firmly and place the tongue cleaner on the back of the tongue.
  3. Step 3: Slowly scrape away the dirt with movements from back to front.
  4. Step 4: Rinse the tongue scraper under the tap. Repeat until the entire tongue surface is clean and the deposits are gone.
  5. Step 5: Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water and clean the tongue cleaner. Make this a regular part of your daily routine to prevent bad breath.

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Refill fluoride free charcoal

Toothpaste tablets fluoride free mint

Toothpaste tablets fluoride free mint

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Electric tooth cleaner

Electric tooth cleaner

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Refill heads sonic toothbrush

Refill heads sonic toothbrush

Wireless Water Flosser

Wireless Water Flosser

Tongue scraper

Tongue scraper