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Are you looking for the perfect tongue cleaner? The tongue cleaner made of soot-free steel cleans the tongue thoroughly and effectively. So you are guaranteed fresh breath and improved oral hygiene. A real must have against bad breath!
  • Contributes to fresh breath
  • Removes bacteria and white tongue deposits
  • Prevents bad breath
The tongue scraper from Fleeck is a real addition to the daily brushing routine. During the day, a lot of bacteria and deposits remain in the mouth and produce sulphurous gases, which result in foul breath. Brushing the teeth focuses mainly on cleaning the teeth. The tongue is often skipped when brushing the teeth, leaving a lot of bacteria in the mouth, which results in a white layer. With this tool from Fleeck, you can easily clean it. 

Why clean your tongue with a tongue scraper?

Having a clean tongue is important for having clean and fresh teeth. Do you have white deposits and bad breath? If so, you may have a lot of bacteria building up in your mouth, which can lead to weaker teeth. But don't worry, you can easily remove the deposits with this cleaner from Fleeck. 

Brushing the tongue with a tongue cleaner

With this product you can easily brush away deposits. This ensures fresher breath, a clean tongue and healthy teeth. In addition, you prevent a lot of trouble such as inflamed gums and you also reduce the risk of caries. By removing plaque and white deposits, you are helping to improve oral health.

Remove white deposit with a tongue scraper

Do you suffer from a white or yellow tongue? This is also known as tongue coating and is caused by bacteria. The tongue coating can be easily removed. By brushing the tongue daily, the bacteria have less chance to cause dental problems. 

Effective against bad breath and bad taste

Do you sometimes still suffer from bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth after brushing your teeth? Then Fleeck's tongue scraper is just what you need. During the day, a lot of bacteria build up in the mouth, which can cause an unpleasant smell in the mouth. These bacteria are insufficiently removed during regular brushing because the focus is on the area. By using a tongue scraper, you remove the bacteria that cause bad breath. So you no longer have to feel insecure about your bad breath.  

Buy a tongue scraper at Fleeck

Are you looking for the best tongue scraper? You have just found it. With this product, you will improve the condition of your teeth. Combine this product with other Fleeck products such as toothpaste tablets  for irresistibly fresh breath. 


  • Contributes to fresh breath
  • Removes bacteria and white deposits
  • Prevents bad breath

Contents and packaging

  • 1x stainless steel tongue scraper

Manual tongue scraper

Using the tongue cleaner from Fleeck is very easy. The following 5 steps will show you how to use this product safely and get maximum results.

Step 1: The first step is to open your mouth and stick out your tongue. This will make it easier to reach the deposit on the back of your tongue. 

Step 2: Hold both handles and place the tongue cleaner on the back of the tongue.

Step 3: Slowly scrape away the deposits with back to front movements. 

Step 4: Rinse the tongue cleaner under the tap. Repeat until the entire tongue surface is clean and the deposits have disappeared.

Step 5: Finally, rinse your mouth with water or Fleeck mouthwash and clean the tongue cleaner. Make this your daily routine to prevent bad breath.

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