Tongue Scrapers

Looking for good tongue scrapers to clean your tongue? Then look no further. Fleeck offers various possibilities for cleaning your tongue. A clean tongue contributes to clean teeth. Do you have white deposits on your tongue and bad breath? If so, a lot of bacteria may be building up in your mouth and on your tongue, which can lead to weaker teeth and even cavities. But don’t worry, deposits on the tongue can be easily removed with a tongue scraper from Fleeck. 

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Brushing your teeth alone does not remove all the deposits and bacteria which have built up in your mouth and tongue during the day. It is therefore very important to clean your tongue. With a tongue scraper you can easily brush or scrape away the remaining deposits on your tongue. This ensures fresher breath, a clean tongue and healthier teeth. In addition, it prevents a lot of trouble such as inflamed gums and reduces the risk of caries. 

Tongue scraper against bad breath

The biggest cause of bad breath (also called halitosis) is bacteria on the tongue. These bacteria cause an unpleasant smell from the mouth. By removing the adhesive layer and the white deposits on the tongue with a tongue scraper from Fleeck, you ensure fresher breath and improved oral hygiene.

Types of tongue scrapers and tongue brushes

Tongue cleaners come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose between a durable bamboo tongue brush and a stainless steel tongue scraper. Besides that, there is an electric tongue cleaner, which allows you to remove the deposits on the tongue quickly and easily. A tongue brush is similar to a round toothbrush, with which you brush away the deposits on the tongue. A tongue scraper is a simple way to scrape away tongue deposits. An electric tongue scraper is used to scrape away tongue deposits electrically.

Bamboo tongue scrapers 

The bamboo tongue brush from Fleeck is a natural type of tongue cleaner. The soft bristles brush the tongue, thus loosening the tongue coating. The soft bristles brush off the tongue coating, thereby loosening the tongue lining. 

Metal tongue cleaner

Fleek’s metal tongue scraper is made of stainless steel and can be used in any bathroom. With the stainless steel tongue cleaner, you scrape away the deposits on the tongue from back to front. By repeating this process several times, you ensure that the deposit disappears and the tongue feels cleaner and fresher.

Combine the tongue scraper with:

Combine the tongue scraper with other Fleeck products such as mouthwash or mouth spray for irresistibly fresh breath.