Teeth whitening kits

You want to buy a teeth whitening kit and you want to make a good choice. With a whitening set from Fleeck you get everything you need to safely whiten your teeth. In addition, the bit is custom and you can distribute the whitening gel perfectly over your teeth. According to dentists and scientists, it is the best choice to whiten your teeth with a home whitening kit.

The best teeth whitening kit

Order the Fleeck teeth whitening set online that you can use professionally. The Fleeck teeth whitening set complies with strict European laws and regulations. We are also affiliated with CPNP, FDA and CE quality marks. This way you can 100% safely whiten your teeth.

This way you get the best tested teeth whitening set on the market for the best price.

The best tested teeth whitening kit

Are you curious about the possibilities of whitening your teeth? At Fleeck we have developed a teeth whitening set with a special Fleeck formula.

Curious about the possibilities? You can choose from three types of sets to whiten your teeth:

  • Set with unique Fleeck formula

An innovative teeth whitening set with:

  • Glycerin, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Chloride & Sodium Fluoride. Disodium EDTA and Sodium Chloride provide the bleaching effect. The Glycerine has a disinfectant effect and the Sodium Fluoride protects your tooth enamel.
  • Luxury sets with LED bit

The luxury choice thanks to a high-quality whitening gel without hydrogen peroxide and a unique and patented LED bit.

Exclusive & cheap teeth whitening set

Are you looking for a cheap, exclusive teeth whitening set that you can easily order online? The price for teeth whitening is not high and the whitening gel is tested and effective. The Fleeck teeth whitening set has a luxurious look and has a powerful unique whitening gel with a unique Fleeck formula.

The price for teeth whitening

Fleeck is a transparent, professional organization that would like to help you with teeth whitening. What do you pay for at Fleeck and why is the price for teeth whitening not high?

  • You pay for the teeth whitening kit and the whitening gel itself
  • You can whiten your teeth several times at Fleeck
  • At a whitening clinic you pay for 1 day of treatment
  • You do not pay for the establishment
  • You do not pay for parking spaces
  • You don’t pay for equipment
  • You don’t pay for personnel

Therefore, the costs for teeth whitening differ greatly. However, the whitening gel is often of the same quality. At Fleeck we offer you the best price-quality ratio in the field of teeth whitening.

Buy teeth whitening kit for your home

Ordering a Fleeck teeth whitening kit for your home? We will of course include a handy manual for you. A set with Dutch instructions, in which you can read exactly how to use the whitening gel and the bit. And are you still unable to figure it out yourself? Then we are happy to help you with this, so that you can bleach your teeth yourself.

You can watch your favorite series on Netflix and be completely on Fleek with our Fleeck teeth whitening set. Get whiter teeth and start getting a beautiful white smile!