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Are you looking for the best oil pulling? Oil pulling is an age-old tradition to promote oral health. The natural ingredients in this coconut oil rinse is suitable contribute to the health of your teeth and gums. 
  • With a fresh mint flavour
  • Helps improve oral health
  • Prevents bad breath and plaque
Oil pulling is a technique that involves rinsing your mouth with oil. Although this seems to be a recent trend, it is an ancient traditional remedy from Indian Ayurvedic medicine. By rinsing the mouth for a long time, waste products are extracted and removed during the detoxification process.

Rinsing mouth with coconut oil

By rinsing your mouth with coconut oil, you contribute to the overall health of your teeth and body. Experience has shown that oil pulling can remedy and prevent gum problems such as inflamed gums. This natural rinse with coconut oil not only helps to fight bacteria, but also promotes healing and contributes to healthy gums.

Effect of oil pulling mouthwash

Oil pulling is a method in which the oil mixes with the saliva in the mouth during rinsing, the substance is liquid when you take it into the mouth. During rinsing, the oil changes into a whitish substance. The oil extracts toxins from the saliva and as the time of rinsing passes, the substance becomes thicker and thicker. After the prolonged rinsing, you can spit out the oil pulling, preferably not into the sink, as the natural coconut oil can congeal.

Combating bad breath with a fresh minty taste

Often the taste of coconut oil takes some getting used to, because it is rinsed in the mouth for a long time, this can be a reason not to use the product. By adding a fresh mint flavour, it tastes better and also refreshes the mouth. It has a fresh mint taste that makes it easy to rinse your teeth and freshens your breath. This mouthwash is the perfect tool to get rid of bad odours and work on fresh teeth. In addition, it removes remaining plaque and bacteria in the mouth. With the mouthwash from Fleeck, you can enjoy fresh breath and work on your perfect smile! 

Mouthwash for inflamed gums

By rinsing inflamed gums, you can easily wash away bacteria in the mouth. The mouthwash helps to relieve inflammation thanks to the antibacterial properties of its natural ingredients,

Mouthwash without alcohol

When you want to buy mouthwash. You often have the choice between mouthwash with alcohol and mouthwash without alcohol. Although alcohol kills bacteria in the mouth. Alcohol has a drying effect in the mouth. This can lead to dry mouth. Oil pulling mouthwashes keep the gums healthy and do not dry out your mouth. It can be effective against inflamed gums by stimulating saliva production and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Best oil pulling mouth rinse of 2022

Looking for the best oil pulling of 2022? This is it! This product is great for contributing to whiter teeth, it effectively removes tooth discolouration and contributes to a radiant smile. The natural coconut oil provides a nice mouth feel and helps prevent dry mouth. The fresh mint flavour gives it a nice taste and better breath. This makes it the perfect addition to your oral care regime.

Buy oil pulling at Fleeck

Would you like to buy oil pulling? At Fleeck, you will find a wide range of oral care products, including mouthwash. This product prevents plaque and removes the bacteria that cause bad breath and caries. In this way, the mouthwash contributes to the health of your teeth and fresh breath. Combine this product with the Water flosser and the Fleeck sonic electric toothbrush to complete your natural dental care.


  • Cleanses the mouth
  • Suitable for detoxification
  • Freshens breath

Contents and packaging

  • Oil pulling

Manual oil pulling

Using Fleeck’s oil pulling is very easy. The following 5 steps explain how to use this product safely and achieve maximum results.

Step 1: Fill the cup with 20 millilitres of oil pulling or use 1-2 tablespoons.

Step 2: Take the oil in your mouth and do not swallow

Step 3: Swish the oil through the mouth for 5-20 minutes

Step 4: After you have finished rinsing, spit it out into the sink and rinse the cap with warm water

Step 5: Enjoy a fresh feeling!

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