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fresh breath

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For healthy teeth

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Smart technology

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Suffering from feeling insecure about bad breath? The Fleeck Fresh Breath Package offers the solution you are looking for. It contains carefully selected Fleeck products that effectively address unpleasant breathing problems. This package is FDA- and CE-approved, meaning it offers both safety and results you can trust. Give yourself and your smile a boost today with the Fleeck Fresh Breath Package!

The power of the fresh breath package

Our pack is formulated with advanced oral care products that will give you fresh breath in minutes. Whether you struggle with bad breath or simply want to improve your oral health, this pack offers the ideal solution. Order before 11pm and receive it at home the next working day, with a discounted offer to freshen your breath.

Did you know that around 85% of people experience morning breath? The fresh breath pack helps you fight this morning breath effectively!

Why is the package so effective against smelly breath?

Bad breath can come from the stomach, throat or mouth, but regardless of the cause, you want to get rid of it quickly. Our pack is designed to improve your oral care routine and thoroughly tackle unpleasant breath problems. Dental plaque and bacteria accumulating on your teeth and tongue are the root causes of this unpleasant odour. Improve your oral hygiene and mouth odour with this pack and experience fresh breath like never before.

What's in the fresh breath pack?

  • Toothpaste tablets charcoal without fluoride mint: Natural cleaning for whiter teeth and fresher breath.
  • Sonic electric toothbrush: Advanced sonic technology for a radiant smile.
  • Oil pulling: The ancient art of oil pulling in a modern twist for fresh breath.
  • Tartar remover: For thoroughly cleaning your teeth and removing tartar and stains.
  • Tongue scraper: For a clean and bacteria-free tongue, the source of much bad breath.

Did you know that up to 90% of the bacteria responsible for bad breath live on your tongue?

Discover the benefits of Fleeck's fresh breath pack

When you get your hands on the Fleeck Fresh Breath Package, you embrace a range of benefits that improve your daily oral care and boost your self-confidence. Let's take a closer look at these benefits:

  1. Effective fight against bad breath
    Our package contains specially selected products to tackle bad breath from the source. The tongue cleaner removes bacteria and deposits on your tongue, the toothpaste tablets thoroughly clean your teeth, the sonic electric toothbrush provides deep cleaning, oil pulling removes bacteria and unpleasant odours, and the tartar remover helps remove tartar and stains. With this comprehensive arsenal of tools, you are guaranteed fresh breath.
  2. Natural oral care
    The toothpaste tablets contain natural ingredients, such as charcoal and mint, that not only help remove plaque and stains, but also contribute to whiter teeth and long-lasting freshness. Our pack is the perfect choice for those who want environmentally conscious and natural oral care.
  3. Sophisticated technology
    The sonic electric toothbrush uses advanced sonic technology to generate up to 40,000 brushing strokes per minute, ensuring thorough cleaning and a radiant smile. This powerful technology goes beyond manual toothbrushes to reach even the hardest-to-reach areas.
  4. Old art, new method
    Oil pulling is an ancient practice adapted for modern needs. It helps remove bacteria and impurities that cause bad breath and contributes to a fresh mouth.
  5. Expensive purchase
    This pack offers value for money. It includes a range of high-quality oral care products that you would normally have to buy separately, but now get as an economical bundle.

Refresh your breath and choose self-assurance

With Fleeck's Fresh Breath Package, you will not only improve your oral health but also boost your self-confidence. The benefits of effective bad breath control, natural ingredients, advanced technology, age-old practice and cost savings make this package the ideal choice for anyone looking for lasting fresh breath and a radiant smile. Transform your oral care and order the Fleeck Fresh Breath Package today!

Did you know that smokers are 2 times more likely to develop bad breath compared to non-smokers?

Poor oral hygiene is a major cause of stinky breath

Because plaque and bacteria in the mouth on the teeth and on the tongue are not removed. Sulphurous bacteria get a chance to cause unpleasant odours in the mouth. Having good oral hygiene is the basis for a fresh and healthy mouth. High time to do something about the inconveniences with foul breath yourself.

Extra discount to freshen your breath

Have you always dreamed of having clean, fresh breath that you don't have to feel insecure about? Do you ask yourself "what to do about bad breath or what is causing my bad breath?" How would it feel for you when you no longer have to worry about your smelly breath and you can easily prevent bad breath yourself? Start today and improve your oral hygiene and mouth odour with this package.

Contents fresh breath kit

  • Tongue scraper
  • Toothpaste tablets charcoal without fluoride mint
  • Sonic electric toothbrush
  • Oil pulling
  • Tartar remover

Manual fresh breath kit

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  • Tongue scraper
  • Toothpaste tablets charcoal without fluoride mint
  • Sonic electric toothbrush
  • Oil pulling
  • Tartar remover

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