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Why you want to use a water flosser if you wear braces!

Why you want to use a water flosser if you wear braces!

Created: September 28, 2022 | Updated: December 19, 2022

As a brace wearer, flossing can be difficult. With braces it imprtant to keep the braces clean, you wear an iron construction in your jaw that holds your teeth together. A toothpick or floss then gets between your teeth with difficulty. Fortunately, there is a solution for that: a water flosser.

Difficult to floss with braces

Regular flossing is a real challenge when you wear braces. This is because floss can get caught between the threads of the braces. Moreover, it is not easy to clean the molar with braces. Brushing your teeth is already more difficult with braces. Let alone floss, brushes and toothpicks. Food particles get stuck between the wires and blocks of the braces more easily. It is a lot of work to get everything loose. Is a water flosser good for braces? Definitely. The water jet of a water flosser is powerful. It easily cleans the nooks and crannies of your teeth. It is best to combine a water flosser and floss if you wear braces.

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The advantages of using a water flosser for braces

The water flosser combats gum inflammation and caries. As a brace wearer, you are more at risk of dental disease. This is because bacteria can easily get between the wires. Plaque is also more difficult to remove with braces. A water flosser prevents damage to tooth enamel and decalcification. Plaque is the culprit of this. This is because teeth cleaning with braces is extra complicated. The water jet removes plaque, food residues and bacteria. The water flosser gets to places where an ordinary floss with braces cannot reach.

How to floss with a water flosser if you have braces

Cleaning a brace with a water flosser is relatively easy. It takes a lot less effort and is faster than manual flossing. For just a minute, you clean all quadrants of your teeth. With a flosser and braces, you spend much more time. An electric mouthwash has a pump and a water reservoir. It is best to use lukewarm water with braces. Cold water can be a bit sensitive. You floss tooth by tooth. So you put the head of the oral irrigator on the tooth. It is best to hang well above the basin. This is because the water also runs out of your mouth again. You work from back to front. This means you clean the back teeth first. Then you do the front of the teeth. The water should be directed at the gum edges and crevices between your teeth. This is where most of the food particles get trapped.

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Choosing the best water flosser for braces

The best water flosser for braces, can be set to multiple settings. People who wear braces often suffer from sensitive or inflamed gums. Therefore, it is best to choose a water flosser suitable for sensitive teeth. You can find these in shops. A good electric water flosser offers several pulse settings. So this means you can set the water power yourself. The device removes all the impurities in your teeth. It also massages the gums automatically. Look at the specifications of the water flosser and choose the right one from the range. You will also find all kinds of floss, which you can use in combination with a water flosser and braces.

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Frequently asked questions

You can buy almost any water flosser with braces. You put some lukewarm water from the tap into the water reservoir. You aim the water jet at the hard-to-reach places in your teeth. You aim until the dirt is removed from the braces. Clean around your entire tooth or molar. Also aim at the bracket parts and gum edges.

A water flosser is good for braces. Almost any water flosser can be used with braces. This is because the water jet does not damage the braces. Moreover, you are more likely to suffer from gum disease with braces. Choose a water flosser with several settings. This way, you can also clean sensitive areas.

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