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What is the cause of yellow teeth? 9 causes of yellowing teeth!

What is the cause of yellow teeth? 9 causes of yellowing teeth!

Are you curious about what habits cause yellow teeth? First of all, we can reassure you that yellow teeth are actually not that bad. In fact, yellow teeth are our natural tooth colour. White teeth, on the other hand, are more of an aesthetic point of view that we feel good about, but no one lives with white teeth all their life.

Causes of Yellow Teeth

However, no one really wants this and we would rather have a beautiful smile. So in order to reduce yellow teeth, it is mainly important to know what causes them.

1. Genetic predisposition for yellow teeth

Just like eye colour, how yellow your teeth become is also genetically determined. You cannot influence the genetic component, but ultimately you can influence how you treat your teeth. If you see someone with a mouth full of yellow teeth, it could be that nothing special has caused these yellow teeth, but that it is simply a predisposition. You might look at another person’s yellow teeth in a slightly different way than you would have before.

2. Age as a cause of yellow teeth

Another factor causing yellow teeth is age. It is a fact of life that the older we get, the yellower our teeth become. This is due to all the external influences to which your teeth are exposed and the maintenance you carry out over the years. So taking care of your teeth is very important to make sure you don’t end up with yellow teeth when you are 80 years old.

3. Eating habits as a cause of yellow teeth

Yes, your eating habits do have an effect on yellow teeth and you can certainly do something about it. There are certain things you can eat (e.g. berries) that make your teeth yellow, but there are also certain foods that make your teeth whiter. Chocolate, for example, is a major player in obtaining and maintaining white teeth because it is said to make your teeth stronger. This reduces the risk of plaque. Unfortunately, this only applies to chocolate of at least 70% and not to milk or white chocolate, as these contain too much milk and sugar. Which, of course, is not good for your teeth. Strawberries also appear to help reduce the appearance of yellow teeth.

4. Coffee and tea cause yellow deposits on teeth

That coffee and tea are one of the causes of yellow teeth is, of course, already known. But other certain foods also have a great influence on them, for example tannin. This component can be found in tea, but also especially in red wine and berries. Are you a real wine or tea drinker? Then it can pay off by drinking a glass of water after enjoying a delicious cup. This will wash the tannin away from your teeth and remove the worst of the yellowing. The positive effect of tannin is that it creates healthy bacteria in your mouth. This creates fresh breath and the tannin makes you less likely to experience bad breath.

5. Yellow tartar on the teeth

We have been taught that brushing our teeth twice a day is good for preventing yellow teeth, and for good reason. If you don’t take good care of your teeth, or don’t brush them often enough, yellow tartar may form. This yellow tartar is also one of the causes of yellow teeth and makes your teeth a little weaker. Weaker teeth naturally lead to yellow teeth, so brushing twice a day is a must.

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6. Yellow teeth caused by smoking

Probably not unknown in the list of causes of yellow teeth is smoking. Not only is it very bad for your health and for your lungs specifically, but it is one of the biggest causes of yellow teeth. Smokers can often be recognised by their yellowish teeth. A great reason to stop this bad habit.

7. Medication that causes yellowing of teeth

Perhaps unexpectedly, medicines can also be a cause of yellow teeth. There are a number of medicines in particular, which are often stronger and therefore leave a mark on your teeth. Antibiotics, for example, can have a negative effect and cause yellow teeth. This is because a certain ingredient makes the teeth a little weaker. It is even possible that growing children who have been given these antibiotics or medicines may be left with a permanent yellow cast. It is certainly good to inform your doctor about this if you are advised to do so.

8. Acidic foods that cause Acid Wear

Acid is known to have a corrosive effect and your mouth is no different. So be careful not to eat too many acidic foods, as they can also be one of the causes of yellow teeth. Tooth erosion is a dental problem and where your teeth become weaker, your teeth are also more likely to become yellow. Always remember that teeth should be strong and therefore less likely to turn yellow. The stronger your teeth are, the easier it is to keep them white.

9. Bad oral hygiene

Good oral hygiene is extremely important for keeping your teeth white and away from causes of yellowing. Now that you know what causes yellow teeth and what the consequences are, it might be easier to pay attention to them. This is often how good rituals start, first to be aware of what can happen if you don’t do these things. If you make the above tips a habit, chances are that you will be able to go through life with white teeth and stay far away from having and getting yellow teeth with ease.

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There are many causes of yellow teeth, but the most common are certain eating habits, such as eating and drinking coffee, tea and acidic foods. In contrast, strawberries and dark chocolate help reduce yellow teeth.

The amount of tea, coffee and red wine you drink is up to you. You can also decide whether you smoke, which is one of the main causes of yellow teeth. Taking certain medications is a choice but can be a cause of yellow teeth, so it is certainly wise to consult your doctor when advised to do so.