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What is a sonic toothbrush? All about sonic brushing!

What is a sonic toothbrush? All about sonic brushing!

Created: September 19, 2022 | Updated: April 8, 2023

Did your dentist advise you to switch to electric toothbrushing? A lot of dentists or dental hygienists give their clients this advice. Of course, it is also possible that you made this decision yourself. You no longer like manual brushing and you switch to electric brushing. But which brush should you get? There are so many choices! First of all, make this choice: will you rotary or sonic brushing?

The latest sonic technology

Perhaps you had never heard of sonic brushing before. As such, this way of brushing is still relatively new. The difference with a normal electric toothbrush is that a new sonic brush produces vibrations while brushing. As a result, the toothbrush makes the right movement, fully automatically. And it does so in a particularly high frequency. The result of this technology is that even more plaque is removed. Furthermore, brushing with a sonic toothbrush encourages good fluid dynamics. This ensures that the toothpaste gets deeper between your teeth. As a result, not only the plaque on your molars and teeth, but also the plaque between your molars and teeth is properly removed.

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What is an electric sonic toothbrush?

You may be asking yourself ‘what is a sonic toothbrush?’ A sonic electric toothbrush looks slightly different from a normal electric toothbrush. Quite strikingly, it actually looks more like a regular manual toothbrush in terms of appearance. This is because its shape is somewhat larger and more elongated, whereas electric brushes are generally round. Of course, this larger surface area is designed for a reason. Thanks to this large surface area, you reach and brush more teeth at the same time. Your reach is a lot greater, so the chance of skipping a few spots is immediately significantly reduced.

How does sonic brushing work?

Of course, with a new sonic toothbrush, you still do some operations yourself. In this sense, the difference with other electric toothbrushes is minimal. You simply move the brush back and forth across your teeth while brushing. You will notice that the tooth surface is completely covered thanks to the oval shape of the brush head. You move the toothbrush through every part of your mouth. That’s all you do. The bristles do the rest of the work. The technique probably reminds you most of brushing with a manual toothbrush. If you choose a new sonic toothbrush with an Easy-Start function, you can get used to the vibrations of the brush very gently. During about 14 brushing sessions, the intensity is gradually built up.

Is sonic brushing better?

Sonic brushing is definitely better. A sonic toothbrush creates so much vibration that no other brush can compete with it. You clean very intensively with this brush. On your teeth, but definitely also in between. If you take a look at these differences, you will understand exactly what we mean: with a regular electric toothbrush, the number of rotations per minute is around 8,000. With a sonic brush, that can easily go towards 40,000. Another advantage of sonic brushing is its silence. Does the hum of your electric toothbrush bother your housemates? A sonic brush makes a lot less noise. Finally, the micro-bubbles created by the vibrations are also pleasant. This gives a very nice and fresh mouth feeling.

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Clinical research shows that a sonic electric toothbrush removes plaque better than a regular manual toothbrush. Also, brushing is done more intensively than with a regular electric toothbrush.

A sonic toothbrush has an oval, elongated brush head. The many vibrations per minute ensure intensive cleaning.

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