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What are dentures and what types are there?

What are dentures and what types are there?

What are dentures and what types are there? Dentures are removable dentures. People who no longer have teeth for whatever reason are eligible for dentures. Like clear plastic retainers, it is important to clean and maintain dentures properly. People often think that only older people have dentures. But even young people sometimes need dentures, if their own teeth no longer function. Fortunately, dentures are increasingly resembling real teeth. In the past, you could still see that someone has dentures. Nowadays, it is no longer noticeable.

When is it necessary to get dentures?

Sometimes many teeth need to be extracted. Then there are hardly any teeth left. People then can no longer chew properly. Usually, tooth decay is the cause of this. Teeth that are porous, rotten or dead cannot remain in the jaw and are removed by the dentist or oral surgeon. The only solution then is, full or partial, dentures. Dentures allow eating normally again, even if it takes some getting used to at first.

Dentures in various shapes and sizes

Depending on the state of your teeth, you will get custom-made dentures. Some people get a plate, frame or whole denture. So sometimes only part of the teeth need to be fitted with dentures. The dentist can advise on dentures and will put together a mock denture, by taking a dental impression.

A complete denture for your teeth

Complete dentures ensure that all the molars and teeth in the jaw are replaced. The dentist will first pull everything before the denture can be placed. This denture is then worn for the rest of your life.

Click dentures with implants

Sometimes removable dentures are not sturdy enough. There is then an option to place the denture on implants. These are a kind of artificial roots. This gives you firmer and more realistic dentures. The implants are placed in the jaw. This is done at the oral surgeon’s office. If there are new implants in the jawbone, the denture is waited for several months. Only after about 3 months, a denture can be put together at the dentist’s office.

Frame for your teeth

If you are missing some teeth, you can opt for a frame. This is a kind of metal bracket, which is fixed between the other molars and teeth in the jaw. The gaps in the teeth are filled with artificial teeth in the frame. So this is a partial denture.

Partial denture placement

Not every tooth needs to be replaced in its entirety by dentures. There is also partial dentures. This is also called a “plate”. This plate consists of synthetic resin. It protects the healthy teeth and ensures proper functioning of the teeth as a whole. The missing teeth are filled with a partial denture.

Applying emergency dentures

An emergency denture is a temporary denture. Sometimes you lose teeth after an accident. Then a temporary denture can be a good emergency solution. Immediately after removing the teeth, the emergency denture is applied.

What are dentures made of

A removable denture or full denture, is made of acrylic. This is a type of plastic. Partial dentures are made of acrylic, porcelain, metal or resin. The teeth themselves are made of porcelain or acrylic. The frame is metal and the plate is resin.

How to prevent dentures

You can only prevent dentures, by applying the right methods of teeth cleaning. This means brushing your teeth thoroughly every day and using dental floss or toothpicks. Have your teeth cleaned by the dental hygienist every six months and visit the dentist at least twice a year. Of course, buy a good (electric) toothbrush. This will remove dirt and plaque. In the assortment you will find everything for optimal oral hygiene. Think toothpicks, water flossers, floss, (smart) electric toothbrushes, mouthwash and much more. Combine several products with each other to take care of your teeth in the best way possible.


Frequently asked questions

Dentures replace your real teeth. You only get dentures if your own teeth need to be (partially) pulled. Dentures can be full or partial dentures. Sometimes, dentures consist of a piece of frame or a plate. Full dentures are removable. It is also possible to have the denture fixed on implants.

Dentures can be prevented, by taking good care of your mouth. This means cleaning your mouth every day, by flossing and brushing. Make use of good toothbrushes. In addition, have your teeth checked periodically by your dentist. This is because checking and cleaning your teeth prevents tooth decay.