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The benefits of brushing with a soft toothbrush!

The benefits of brushing with a soft toothbrush!

A toothbrush with soft bristles is ideal for sensitive teeth. This is because brushing can be painful. It is also better for people with inflamed gums (gingivitus) to use a soft toothbrush. In this article, you will therefore read all about ultra-soft (electric) toothbrushes.

What is a soft toothbrush?

This toothbrush features softer bristles than other toothbrushes. They are specially designed for sensitive teeth. A toothbrush with the softest bristles is good for inflamed gums, after an operation at the jaw surgeon’s or after pulling a tooth. The bristles have a rounded shape. This gives them a softer feel.

Nano toothbrush with soft bristles; soft toothbrush; ultra soft toothbrush;

Soft Nano Toothbrush


Advantages of brushing with an extra soft toothbrush

Brushing with an extra soft brush keeps your gums whole. Inflamed gums are also less likely to bleed. Furthermore, soft toothbrushes are suitable for bracket wearers and jaw abscesses. If you have had a molar extracted, the wound is less likely to reopen. It is still a matter of careful brushing. Although soft bristles do help to prevent wounds in the teeth. Soft toothbrushes also do not rub against the teeth as much. As a result, you are less likely to suffer from Acid Wear. The layer of tooth enamel is thus less likely to be brushed away, with an ultra-soft toothbrush.

Sensitive teeth? Then brush with a special soft toothbrush.

If you suffer from sensitive teeth and gums, it’s also best to brush as gently as possible. Brushing roughly, with a harder toothbrush, can actually make the pain worse. Moreover, with a toothbrush for sensitive teeth, you can brush in one spot for longer without it hurting or irritating the gums.

Soft toothbrushes of the best quality for stronger teeth

There are different types of soft toothbrushes for sale. Both electric toothbrushes and manual toothbrushes, for every tooth and every situation. Look in the range for a suitable toothbrush with ultra-soft bristles. Check out, for example, the electric sonic toothbrushes for sensitive gums, the nano manual toothbrushes and several other types. The bristles are specially designed, for sensitive teeth.

Nano toothbrush

A Nano toothbrush features an oval-shaped head and is an ultra soft toothbrush. You brush away with this fine brush, all plaque. Moreover, the bristles are designed to easily get between molars and gum edges. Also, this toothbrush offers a layer of bamboo carbon, giving it antibacterial properties. The soft bristles have a double-layer structure. With the ergonomic handle, you can clean in a smooth way, all quadrants.

Electric sonic toothbrush

There are many types of sonic toothbrushes for sale. These are electric and run on a battery or battery. They also brush more than 50% more effectively, than a regular manual toothbrush. There are special electric toothbrushes that have extra-soft brush heads for sensitive teeth. You can also brush on the “sensitive mode” with these toothbrushes. This allows you to brush the delicate areas of your mouth extra gently. The toothbrush moves through many sonic vibrations per minute and therefore you can also effectively remove all the bacteria under the gum line.

Wireless Water Flosser

Wireless Water Flosser


Electric Tooth Cleaner

Electric Tooth Cleaner


Refill Heads Sonic Toothbrush

Refill Heads Sonic Toothbrush


Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Sonic Electric Toothbrush


Choosing the right toothbrush for sensitive teeth

Choosing a toothbrush is personal. Some like to brush hard, while others like to use a soft brush. First, look carefully at the quality of the bristles. Information on this can be found in the product description. Some bristles have a special grip to remove plaque and bacteria. Also look at the hardness. A soft brush is more pleasant to brush with.

Of course, the toothbrush should be able to clean as well as possible. Electric toothbrushes clean more powerfully and faster, than manual toothbrushes. Then choose an electric toothbrush with replaceable brush heads. After all, these wear out after a few months. Of course, appearance also plays a role. Nowadays, both manual and electric toothbrushes, come in pretty colours and shapes. They all look stylish. In addition, it is wise to choose, for good value for money.



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Soft bristles clean just as well as stiffer bristles. They just cause less pain for sensitive gums and teeth. They are also pleasant to brush with. Brushing too hard is never good. You damage your gums faster as a result. After an operation, it is also best to choose a soft brush.

They are safer for your gums than hard toothbrushes. Inflamed gums are less likely to bleed if you brush gently. It gives the gums extra chance to recover.

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