Teeth whitening with crowns

Teeth whitening with crowns

Sometimes your teeth bother you and you need a crown. Many people have crowns. A crown is a kind of “fake tooth”. You would like to see this “fake tooth” a bit whiter. That is why we at Fleeck understand that you are wondering: can you whiten teeth with crowns? And can you whiten your teeth with a bridge? In this blog we explain everything about how to whiten teeth with crowns, bridges or fillings.

Whitening with crowns

You can get a crown from the dentist if you have a broken tooth or a hole in your enamel. Only a dentist can install a crown. Because a crown is a kind of fake tooth, the crown will not color with your real teeth. A crown also does not have the same composition as a natural tooth. A dentist often chooses a crown with the same color as your own teeth.

Can you whiten teeth with crowns?

Although you can whiten teeth with a crown, the crown does not color. On the other hand, it is not harmful to your teeth or your teeth. The quality of the crown will not decrease if you whiten your teeth with a crown. However, the crown will not bleach with your other teeth. That’s because a crown is dead material and has a solid color. To get whiter teeth with our Fleeck formula you need a living tooth. Therefore it is better to follow a different order if you want to whiten teeth with a crown. It is better to first whiten your teeth and then have the crown placed. Your dentist can then make the crown the same color as your bleached teeth. Therefore, the crown suits your white smile better.

Getting white teeth with fillings

If the dentist finds a hole in your teeth, you can get a filling. The material of a filling is amalgam. Amalga (silver colored) is a material that has been used for centuries as a filler in the teeth. In addition, people also have many white fillings. This is also less noticeable in the mouth. White fillings are also often used if you have a blow to your teeth. Many people have had a hole or broken off a tooth. As a result, many people have a filling in their teeth.

Can you whiten teeth with a filling?

If you have a white filling, it will be less noticeable that you will whiten your teeth. In addition, the filling will discolour over the years, just like the rest of your teeth. Still, it is wise to wait at least two weeks before teeth whitening after the filling has been placed. After two weeks, the filling is well anchored in your teeth. If you then whiten your teeth with a filling, you can keep track of the color of your teeth with a conveniently supplied shade guide. This allows you to keep good color of your teeth.

Tip: Do you suffer from a hole? Then go to the dentist and don’t bleach your teeth. It can hurt a lot to bleach your teeth with a hole in the mouth.

Getting a nice smile with a dental bridge

If your teeth are damaged, the dentist can choose a bridge. If you no longer have one or more teeth and / or molars, the dentist can also opt for a bridge. In addition, a bridge is attached to two or more pillars. A bridge consists of two or more crowns that fit on a pillar and an intermediate part. The bridge is set to the teeth with special dental cement. You can whiten your teeth with a bridge. However, it is not wise because the color of the bridge will not color. If you still want whiter teeth, it is best to ask your dentist for advice.

White teeth with a crown, filling or dental bridge

It is important if you whiten your teeth with a crown, filling or dental bridge to seek advice from the dentist. Perhaps you already have a dead tooth, so be sure to get some advice from your dentist. Especially if you already have sensitive teeth. Often it is not bad if you whiten your teeth with a crown or a filling. The crown or filling simply does not color. Fortunately, you can easily keep track of the color of your teeth with the included shade guide. On the other hand, you have to be careful when whitening your teeth with a bridge; we do not recommend this. In another article you will find more information about how teeth whitening works.

Frequently asked questions

Can you whiten teeth with a crown?

Although you can whiten teeth with a crown, the crown does not color during the whitening session. A crown is dead material and does not color. On the other hand, the whitening gel will not damage the crown during teeth whitening.

Can I whiten teeth with a hole in my teeth?

Dentists do not recommend bleaching your teeth with a hole. This can be very painful. If you suffer from a hole, always go to the dentist.

Can you whiten your teeth with a filling?

Yes, you can whiten teeth with a filling. A filling is dead material and does not color. That is why you should keep a good eye on the color of your teeth with a shade guide.

If I suffer from sensitive teeth, can I bleach my teeth?

If you suffer from sensitive teeth (after teeth whitening), you may need a bridge, filling or crown. It is therefore advisable to consult a dentist before you start teeth whitening.


Whiter teeth using baking soda

Teeth whitening with baking soda

On the internet there are many fables to read about brushing teeth with baking soda. Can you get whiter teeth using baking soda? Although this research claims that you can whiten your teeth with baking soda, there is an important nuance in this: you cannot whiten or brush your teeth with baking soda yourself. If it is incorporated in your toothpaste or whitening gel, it will not hurt, but you should not start tinkering yourself. Read on why.


Can you bleach a dead tooth?

Bleaching dead tooth

You may have had a hard blow to your mouth. Then it may be that a small piece of tooth has broken off. In addition, you can also suffer from a dead tooth. You can also suffer from it without noticing it. Still, a dead tooth often gives complaints and you notice this. It often does not look very nice. That is why we often get the question: Can you bleach a dead tooth?


How often teeth whitening?

How often teeth whitening

You start with teeth whitening and of course we understand that you want to know how often you can whiten your teeth. That cappuchino, that pinot noir or that tasty meal salad can quickly discolour your teeth. Many foods simply contain many dyes that make your teeth more yellow. As a result, your teeth lose their natural white color. As with many other care products, it is therefore important to maintain this. How often can you bleach your teeth?


Teeth whitening with (hydrogen) peroxide or without peroxide

Teeth whiteng with or without hydrogen peroxide

Since 1 November 2012, a new law has been introduced in the EU for teeth whitening with (hydrogen) peroxide. Dentists are allowed to use concentrations of up to 6% hydrogen peroxide in their whitening gel. In addition, a bleaching practice, beauty salon, beauty salon or webshop may use levels of hydrogen peroxide of 0.0 – 0.1%. These laws and regulations apply to all countries of the European Union (EU). Can you whiten teeth without peroxide or should you whiten your teeth with peroxide? In this blog we answer all questions about whitening your teeth with peroxide and without peroxide.