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Sore tongue? The causes and treatment!

Sore tongue? The causes and treatment!

Created: September 29, 2022 | Updated: April 8, 2023

A sore or burning tongue can be very annoying and troublesome. You will often suffer from a burning sensation, numbness or stinging sensation in your tongue. There are several reasons that can cause this discomfort. You can read more about them in this article.

What is a sore tongue?

A sore tongue is an annoying condition. It usually lasts for a short time, but sometimes you can suffer from it for longer. Sometimes you only feel pain when you eat or drink something. If there is tongue pain, it often involves swelling or a burning sensation. Discolouration of the tongue, numbness or tingling may also occur. The same applies to a throbbing or stinging sensation.

What is the cause of a painful and burning sensation in my tongue?

A sore tongue can have several causes. It is usually something that is visible, for example a painful ulcer, aphthous ulcer or blister. Biting the tongue can also be one of the burning tongue causes. Sometimes it is a less obvious cause. The possible causes are:

  • Smoking;
  • Biting the tongue;
  • Food that is too hot or spicy
  • Landmark tongue ;
  • Painful sores and blisters ;
  • Thrush;
  • Vitamin deficiencies and anaemia;
  • Tongue inflammation;
  • Infection or viruses;
  • Tongue cancer;
  • Anaemia.

What are the symptoms?

If there is tongue pain, you may suffer from several symptoms. The most common symptoms are:

  •  A white deposit on the tongue;
  •  Swelling of the tongue;
  •  A hairy or hairy appearance of the tongue;
  •  Burning or tingling sensation;
  • Sore on the side of the tongue;
  • Pain when talking or swallowing;
  • Dark red discolouration of the tongue;
  • Aphthous ulcers, sores or bumps on the tongue;
  • Stinging or throbbing sensation in the tongue.

The impact of oral hygiene on your sore tongue

It is wise to take good care of your mouth and tongue to avoid problems. For instance, you should brush your teeth with toothpaste at least twice a day. It is also advisable to floss once a day and visit the dentist and dental hygienist twice a year. You can prevent bad breath by brushing your tongue. Above all, do not brush your tongue too hard, as this will irritate it more quickly. Furthermore, mouthwash containing alcohol can disturb the oral flora and cause dry tongue. So don’t use it.

Tongue Scraper

Tongue Scraper


Pain relief and prevention

Have you been suffering from burning lips and tongue for a while now? Then don’t hang around with it for too long. The GP and/or dentist can investigate the cause of the sore tongue. Once a diagnosis has been made, the doctor can prescribe a matching treatment. For severe pain, you can use paracetamol or mouth gel with lidocaine if necessary.


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Frequently asked questions

Why does my tongue burn? That's a good question. A sore tongue can have several causes. Usually it is something that is visible, for example a painful ulcer, aphthous ulcer or blister. Biting the tongue can also make it very sore. Sometimes this is a less obvious cause such as Vitamin deficiencies, anaemia, infections and/or viruses.

A proper diagnosis is the basis for treatment of tongue pain. The GP and/or dentist can examine the oral cavity and test your blood. Treatment depends on the cause of the tongue pain.

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