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Salty taste in the mouth? Causes of taste of salt in the mouth!

Salty taste in the mouth? Causes of taste of salt in the mouth!

Created: January 12, 2023 | Updated: February 20, 2023

Do you suffer from a salty taste in your mouth? You may also suffer from thirst, a dry mouth, a stuffy nose or just a runny nose. Maybe you have it constantly, or just when you cry. But the question that brought you here is: why does my mouth taste salty? In medical terms, we also call it dysgeusia, or taste disorder. Your sense of taste is then different from the usual. In your case, from one moment to the next, everything tastes salty. Your tongue, your lips, your saliva. If you know the cause, you can fix it.

Why does everything taste salty?

Why does everything I eat taste salty? It can be quite scary, especially if you haven’t eaten anything salty recently and the salty taste is present all the time. It can ruin your meals considerably and even hinder a good night’s sleep. And the cause is really not always in (near) your mouth, which means there are also many more ways to solve the problem.

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What causes salt taste in the mouth?

A salty tongue taste is very unpleasant and poor oral hygiene is often the cause, as well as other problems in the mouth such as infection. Your digestion and even your hormones can also cause your taste to change. Below, we take you through the most common causes.

Causes of and salty taste in the mouth

Poor oral hygiene

At the top of the list is poor oral hygiene. Think poor brushing and not visiting dentist and/or dental hygienist regularly.

Bite problems

This cause often stems from poor oral hygiene. Dental plaque allows bacteria to grow abundantly, affecting your gums, which in turn can lead to a foul or salty taste in your mouth.

Dry mouth

When you have a dry mouth due to a sore throat or not drinking enough, for example, you produce less saliva. This can mean your tongue starts to taste salty.

Mouth fungus

An infection with the yeast Candida albicans gives a salty taste as well as a burning tongue with possibly whitish or yellowish spots. Not contagious, but annoying.

Mouth bleeding

Rummaging through your mouth with your toothbrush too aggressively can damage your mouth. Eating foods with sharp edges, such as chips, can do the same. If blood gets into your mouth as a result, it can taste salty or metallic.

Gum inflammation and periodontitis

Bleeding can also occur with inflammation of your gums (gingivitis) or a more serious form of it (periodontitis). In addition, the salty taste can also be caused by the bad breath associated with this inflammation.

Pulling a tooth

After pulling a molar, a foul taste may unexpectedly appear in your mouth. This can be the sign of inflammation.

Other causes of a salty taste in the mouth

Vitamin deficiency as a cause of salty taste in the mouth

Your body needs vitamins and minerals. A deficiency of zinc, iron, vitamin B3 or B12 can change your taste, from salty to sour. Vitamin A deficiency can also indirectly affect your taste.

Other causes

Medication, pregnancy, menopause, smoking, allergic reactions, kidney failure, various tumours, diabetes, a malfunctioning thyroid or even crying can cause you to taste salty. If you cannot find the cause yourself, it is advisable to contact your GP anyway.

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How to get rid of a salty taste in your mouth?

As long as you do not suspect inflammation or other serious cause, you can often remedy the salty taste with good self-care. It then helps to drink enough and observe good dental care. A healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet and as little alcohol and smoking as possible also helps. If symptoms persist or you suspect something serious, contact your GP.

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Frequently asked questions

When you taste salty you need to find out the cause. If it does not seem serious, it often helps to observe good oral hygiene, drink enough and live a healthy life.

The cause of a salty taste can be very diverse. From poor oral hygiene to a vitamin deficiency and from bleeding in your mouth to an allergic reaction. So the cause can be either inside or outside your mouth.

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