How much does teeth whitening cost?

Costs of teeth whitening

You watch your favorite series or you see a celebrity with white teeth and you think: I also want whiter teeth. But what does teeth whitening cost? There are many different providers. For example, you can have your teeth whitened at a teeth whitener. Or at the dentist. You will also find many providers online. You are shocked by the prices and the different price / quality ratio for teeth whitening. But then: teeth whitening at the dentist has a high cost. And they are often not reimbursed. On the other hand, they use the same items at a bleaching clinic as at Fleeck. Only you pay more to whiten your teeth less often. Can you also whiten your teeth cheaply?


Teeth whitening with crowns

Teeth whitening with crowns

Sometimes your teeth bother you and you need a crown. Many people have crowns. A crown is a kind of “fake tooth”. You would like to see this “fake tooth” a bit whiter. That is why we at Fleeck understand that you are wondering: can you whiten teeth with crowns? And can you whiten your teeth with a bridge? In this blog we explain everything about how to whiten teeth with crowns, bridges or fillings.


How does teeth whitening work?

How does teeth whitening work

Of course we understand your wish to get whiter teeth. But how does teeth whitening work? Is it safe to bleach your teeth yourself? There are many fables on the internet about teeth whitening. We give you an answer to the question whether teeth whitening really works.


What to eat after teeth whitening

Food after teeth whitening

What can I eat after teeth whitening? Is it best not to eat or drink things after teeth whitening? We answer all these questions in this handy blog about eating after teeth whitening. We recommend not consuming anything for the first 4 hours after teeth whitening and only drinking water. That is why it is best to brush your teeth in the evening, before going to sleep, whitening your teeth.


No tooth sensitivity after whitening with these 9 tips

Sensitive teeth after teeth whitening

If you have sensitive teeth, it is interesting to ask yourself: is it wise to bleach my teeth now? If you have really sore teeth, you better make sure your teeth don’t hurt anymore. You can go to a dentist if your teeth really hurt. In addition, you can read this useful blog how to solve and prevent tooth sensitivity after whitening.


How to get white teeth (without teeth whitening) with these 17 tips

White teeth tips

Do you want whiter teeth? We understand that. Many people are dissatisfied with the color of their teeth. Hence, the numbers don’t lie either: According to a BBC study, more than half of the population (52%) are dissatisfied with the color of their teeth. It is really not necessary to be dissatisfied with your teeth or to give your fellow man a jealous look when it shines with pearly whites. There is no expensive price tag or a high dentist bill to hang on beautiful white teeth. With these handy dos and don’ts you will get whiter teeth in no time. Therefore, this list of useful white teeth tips. Read on how to whiten your teeth.


How long do your teeth stay white after teeth whitening?

How long will your teeth be whiter

You feel good: your teeth are beautiful white after a whitening session. You shine completely and you show the world a beautiful white smile. Everyone can see your pearly whites. But how long do your teeth stay white after whitening? Your body (and with it your teeth) needs maintenance. This way you can enjoy the effect of teeth whitening for a long time. We have listed a number of things for you so that you can enjoy the effect of teeth whitening for as long as possible.


Teeth whitening: safe or harmful?

Teeth whitening safety

There are many people today who would like to have whiter teeth and whiten their teeth. Whether you are watching your favorite Netflix series or a movie: most stars have a row of beautiful white teeth. It makes sense that you also want to be completely on fleek with a beautiful white set of teeth. But is teeth whitening safe?


Electric toothbrush: tested as best

Teeth brushing sonic toothbrush

You may ask yourself: Is an electric toothbrush better than a manual toothbrush? The only answer is a resounding “yes.”

That is, if you can miss yellow teeth as a toothache. It is very important to take good care of your teeth. You not only want to prevent toothache, but also have good oral hygiene. In addition, it is also very important to get a fresh breath and white teeth. What is the best electric toothbrush and which toothbrushes are there? In this blog you can read all trends about the electric toothbrush.


What is the best way to brush your teeth?

Brushing teeth well

It makes sense that you brush your teeth twice a day to maintain good teeth and get a fresh taste in your mouth. Yet not every person brushes his teeth regularly. Research shows that lots of people take care of their teeth poorly. According to this study, only 24.2% of all people clean their teeth twice a day.

So what´s the best way to clean your teeth? We’re going to help you step by step.


Benefits of teeth whitening at home

Benefits of teeth whitening at home

We understand that you are curious about the benefits of teeth whitening. You may prefer to know the benefits of whitening your teeth yourself. Fleeck has put them in a row on the basis of experiences. The Fleeck formula is based on scientific research and teeth whitening experiences from our customers. They use our quality products for a radiant white smile.


Fleeck: A new teeth whitening experience in 2020

New experience with Fleeck teeth whitening products

Curious about Fleeck, a new experience that will make your teeth whiten? Fleeck is a revolutionary new beauty brand. Fleeck stands for ecologically responsible beauty products and quality. In addition, we have a good price quality to whiten your teeth. But what are the teeth whitening experiences and reviews?


From what age can I use a teeth whitening product?

Age teeth whitening

You ask yourself: What is the minimum age to safely whiten your teeth? We understand that you are asking yourself this, certainly because you can easily use the Fleeck products, top quality products, at home. It is officially allowed to use a teeth whitening product from the age of 18. This is not allowed below that age, even if you are supervising it as an adult.


How to remove brown spots from your teeth

Brown spots on teeth

Do you suffer from brown spots on your teeth? A beautiful white smile is a wonderful way to present yourself to others. We understand it is very annoying if there are impurities and stains on your teeth. Moreover, it is not good for the health of your teeth. Fortunately, you can do something about it yourself, with top Fleeck products that you can use at home.