How to remove brown spots from your teeth

Brown spots on teeth

Do you suffer from brown spots on your teeth? A beautiful white smile is a wonderful way to present yourself to others. We understand it is very annoying if there are impurities and stains on your teeth. Moreover, it is not good for the health of your teeth. Fortunately, you can do something about it yourself, with top Fleeck products that you can use at home.

The brown stains on the teeth is created step by step, but after a while it will stand out considerably. It can be brown spots between the teeth and on the teeth. Unfortunately, this is particularly visible on the front teeth. This allows you to get yellow teeth that you can hardly get white with regular toothpaste.

Because how do you get whiter teeth? Ordinary toothpaste will not help, because the impurities are not absorbed. In contrast, Fleeck products naturally attract impurities. Our whitening toothpaste naturally absorbs brown spots and unpleasant odors. Then you can easily brush it off. This way you get whiter teeth and a fresh breath.

In addition, with the electric toothbrush you remove significantly more plaque and prevent the formation of brown spots on your teeth. Finally, you can still whiten your teeth with our professional teeth whitening set.

Easily remove brown spots of teeth

Do you want to easily remove the brown spots off your teeth? Our natural toothpaste or activated charcoal is an ideal product for this. The charcoal naturally removes brown spots. That way you will never get brown spots on your teeth again. In most cases, tartar is the cause of the brown spots that arise. It is plaque that has hardened because it has remained in the mouth for too long. With the activated charcoal and charcoal toothpaste from Fleeck you naturally remove impurities and unpleasant odors.

Many people suffer from brown deposits on the teeth, although that is often on the back. It is something that the dentist sees fit, but that will not bother you much yourself. Do the stains appear on the front of your teeth? Fortunately, you can do something about it yourself with Fleeck products. With our natural toothbrushes or a professional whitening kit, so that you can remove the brown spots on your teeth. Your white teeth become visible again, for a radiant smile full of confidence.

Remove plaque and deposits on teeth

Do you feel bad about your yellow teeth and do you want to remove plaque and deposits on your teeth? At Fleeck we would like to help you and we have made an overview for you with our tips for better teeth. At Fleeck we use a safe method to get whiter teeth and clean your teeth nicely again. Fleeck has carried out extensive tests based on European laws and regulations to make it 100% safe and highly effective for you.

We understand that it is very difficult nowadays not to get a yellowing of your teeth. Dental plaque and the attack on your teeth can occur for a variety of reasons. It can be caused by food, the use of medicines or by smoking. But also if you can enjoy a cup of coffee, your favorite tea or a glass of wine. These are products that you probably drink occasionally, which unfortunately can lead to a scaling of your teeth.

Nice white teeth

At Fleeck we understand you. You want to continue to enjoy these products and still get whiter teeth. The Fleeck products offer a solution for you. Do you want to remove that brown deposit on your teeth? Then it is not enough to brush with a normal toothpaste. Fleeck has put together a natural toothpaste with charcoal powder or you can order the special Fleeck activated charcoal. With this you absorb impurities and your teeth naturally become whiter and cleaner. It is made from natural ingredients and has an ecologically responsible packaging. This way you are doing well for yourself and for your environment. At Fleeck we have an effective method against the attack on teeth, so that you will no longer suffer from it.
By removing brown spots, you prevent the formation of tartar. In another blog we have more information about the benefits of teeth whitening at home.

You’ll find more tips for teeth whitening in another article. At Fleeck we are always ready to look for a suitable solution. Do you have questions about brown stains on your teeth and how you can remove them? Would you like to get a natural, radiant white teeth? Customer service is ready for you. We will be happy to tell you more about natural, whiter teeth that you can simply get at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you remove brown spots from your teeth?

Yes, you can remove brown spots from your teeth. This can be done by brushing your teeth well or by flossing your teeth. You can do this with dental floss or with a water floss.

Can I remove brown spots off my teeth and whiten them?

Yes, you can whiten these brown spots by bleaching your teeth. You can have this done by a dentist or you can whiten your teeth yourself.

Is it safe to remove brown spots from my teeth?

If you brush your teeth well and properly brush your teeth, you can remove brown spots from your teeth. This is a safe way to remove brown spots from your teeth.

The brown spots on my teeth hurt, now what?

It is best to go to the dentist for sensitive teeth and / or gums. The dentist can decide what to do with the brown spots on your teeth.


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