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How to floss? Here’s how to floss your teeth properly!

How to floss? Here’s how to floss your teeth properly!

Created: September 27, 2022 | Updated: December 19, 2022

Flossing is good for your teeth. But how should you actually do it? And what are its benefits? Which products do you buy if you want to clean between your your teeth? You can read all this in the article below.

The importance of cleaning between teeth

Flossing your teeth has several benefits. Namely, it prevents dirt from getting in between your gums. With floss, you also remove all food particles, which you cannot reach with a toothbrush. So flossing reduces the risk of gum inflammation, cavities and other dental diseases. Proper flossing also gives plaque little chance to build up. There are several products you can use to floss. Floss, toothpicks and brushes are commonly used. You can choose what feels most comfortable for your gums. Flossing teeth properly is the most important thing.

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How to floss?

Flossing has to be done properly, though. This is because you can easily damage your gums if you use floss, brushes or toothpicks incorrectly. A visit to the dental hygienist is important if you want to do it properly. This one can demonstrate. Toothpicks are made of wood. These should not give off splinters. You can moisten them a little. The wood will then soften a little. You carefully place the toothpick between the gap of the teeth. Then gently move it back and forth, to remove food particles. These will then stick to the toothpick. Discard old toothpick, then use a new one each time. Floss is tightened between thumb and forefinger. Use two hands to do this. You move the thread between the gaps of your teeth to remove dirt. Use a dental flosser in the same way as a toothpick. A rag can be bought in a few sizes. These are also a bit softer than toothpicks.

Floss and other products

Purchase products of the best possible quality. If you use a toothpick, choose a real one instead of a stick. Real toothpicks are safe to use. They are thin and flattened on one side. Floss comes in a box. You cut off a piece each time. The advantage of floss is that it sometimes has a flavour. For example, you can go for a fresh mint flavour. Visit the webshop for different types of floss. Of course, you can also use a water flosser. It creates a strong jet of water between the gaps in your teeth. This jet effectively removes debris. The gums are also thoroughly cleaned with a water flosser. Moreover, it is a gentle way of cleaning. Gums are less likely to bleed and hurt during cleaning. Of course, you can also remove debris, using a soft brush between your molars. These are pliable and get to any place a toothbrush cannot reach. The soft brushes remove a lot of debris and fight plaque. There are different colours and thicknesses. Look in the shop for various hygienic products that guarantee healthy teeth. Want to clean smoothly? Then go for an electric flosser.

Flossing techniques

Floss thread

The floss can be applied in several ways. With the “zigzag technique”, you make sure you bend the thread around your teeth in a c-shape. You floss around the entire tooth. Always make sure the thread is 3-5 cm long and pull it tight, between your index finger and thumb. You can also move the thread up and down, cleaning the tooth neck and gum edges. You can then go around the whole tooth again.


Hold the tip of the toothpick between your index finger and thumb. Then gently poke between the tooth crevices. You can move forwards and backwards. You can also move up and down, between the molars to remove debris. You will naturally see food particles get stuck on the toothpick. Repeat a few times, until the spot is completely clean.


Ragers are basically used in the same way as a toothpick. You move around a tooth to get it clean. You press them between the gaps and move them in different directions around the tooth. The bristles pick up dirt. This sticks between the bristles. You can also use them to clean your gums very easily.

Healthier gums through proper cleaning

Inflamed gums should also be cleaned properly, even though they can sometimes bleed heavily. Just by cleaning, the bleeding will stop within a few days. Your gums will then regain a nice natural pink colour. Inflamed gums are always dark red. Dental plaque and food debris provide a source of bacteria in your mouth. Especially tackle the areas that are inflamed. It is important to clean well between the cracks of your gums. So around the tooth, between the teeth and at the bottom of the teeth. With a toothbrush alone, you won’t get rid of inflamed gums. This is because there will always be residue between your teeth. It is therefore necessary to floss after every brushing. Ideally, you should do this after every meal.




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You remove plaque and dirt more easily. You then prevent bacteria from accumulating in the mouth and causing gum inflammation. You also prevent caries and tooth decay by cleaning properly.

You can use different oral care products to clean your teeth. Moreover, use the right technique. Move the flosser back and forth, between the gaps in your teeth and clean the tooth as a whole. Gently grab the gums as well. Each product has a different flossing technique. Choose an (electric) flosser, water flosser, dental floss, toothpick or rager. Ask your dental hygienist for any advice.

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