How long do your teeth stay white after teeth whitening?

How long will your teeth be whiter

You feel good: your teeth are beautiful white after a whitening session. You shine completely and you show the world a beautiful white smile. Everyone can see your pearly whites. But how long do your teeth stay white after whitening? Your body (and with it your teeth) needs maintenance. This way you can enjoy the effect of teeth whitening for a long time. We have listed a number of things for you so that you can enjoy the effect of teeth whitening for as long as possible.

Coffee after teeth whitening

A good cup of coffee can sometimes be delicious. In the morning when you get up, or after dinner. Still you better leave that cappuccino after a bleaching session. Your teeth will discolour extra quickly due to coffee and / or tea. In fact, at Fleeck we recommend only drinking water for 4 hours after teeth whitening. There is no dye in water. Your teeth should recover after a whitening session and come into contact with dyes as little as possible. In another article you will learn all about what you can and cannot eat after teeth whitening.

Because the tooth enamel is still a little porous, dyes can easily penetrate the tooth enamel. That is why it is best not to eat or drink anything after a bleaching session (only drink water). Also the day after it is better not to eat many products with a high content of dyes. Think for example of fruit jam and beetroot. Because the tooth enamel is still a little porous, dyes can easily penetrate the tooth enamel. This can make your teeth yellow more quickly and you don’t want that!

After how long teeth whitening do I see results?

Only after a few times you can see the result of teeth whitening. You can whiten your teeth every day with our whitening sets, but it is better to do this a little less. This way you can recover tooth enamel better. We recommend a short interval of 1-2 days after a whitening session. This way you will achieve a long-lasting white smile in the long term. It may take a while before you see the final result. This can sometimes take up to 3-4 weeks.

In another article, you can read all about how often you should whiten your teeth.

Smoking after teeth whitening

Many cigarette packs already contain all kinds of warnings about the effect of smoking. But does smoking give you yellow teeth? The answer to this question is an obvious “yes”. There are substances in a cigarette that attach to your tooth enamel. The culprits are “nicotine” and “tar”. These stubborn discolourations are difficult to remove. Another annoying effect of smoking on your teeth is: the blood flow to your gums is reduced. This reduces the health of your teeth. Therefore, it is best not to smoke for 4 hours after you have bleached your teeth.

How long your teeth stay white after teeth whitening

It is difficult to predict how long your teeth will remain white after a whitening session. Most people see a clear result after two weeks. After using all whitening gel, most people see after 2 to 3 months that their teeth slowly start to discolour again.

Nevertheless, you also have partial control over this process. Coffee, tea, wine and cigarettes simply cause a slight decline. For example, recent research shows that red wine is the number one cause of yellow teeth. If you have a lifestyle where you occasionally drink coffee (1-2 cups per day) and occasionally drink a glass of wine (2-5 glasses per week), you can enjoy a row of white teeth for a long time.

Yet it is also important here: brush your teeth well. Another article explains how to properly brush your teeth. You can remove plaque with a good electric toothbrush.

Fortunately, you can keep track of the color of your teeth with the included shade guide. If your teeth yellow again over time, you can start whitening again. The teeth whitening set contains enough whitening gel to whiten your teeth 12-15 times. Is the whitening gel used up? Then we have handy refill kits with which you can continue with teeth whitening.

Frequently asked questions

How long do your teeth stay white after whitening?

That depends on your lifestyle and the natural color of your teeth. Most people see a slight decline after two to three months.

How can you get a better bleaching effect?

You get maximum results after a whitening session by eating nothing for 4 hours after teeth whitening or drinking with dyes and only drinking water.

Do I get yellow teeth faster if I smoke after bleaching?

Cigarettes contain tar and nicotine. This attaches to the tooth enamel. As a result, you get yellow teeth faster, even after a whitening session. It is therefore better not to smoke for 4 hours after teeth whitening.

My teeth are turning yellow again, now what?

You can keep the color of your teeth with a shadeguide. If you are dissatisfied with the color of your teeth, you can start whitening your teeth again.


Whiter teeth using baking soda

Teeth whitening with baking soda

On the internet there are many fables to read about brushing teeth with baking soda. Can you get whiter teeth using baking soda? Although this research claims that you can whiten your teeth with baking soda, there is an important nuance in this: you cannot whiten or brush your teeth with baking soda yourself. If it is incorporated in your toothpaste or whitening gel, it will not hurt, but you should not start tinkering yourself. Read on why.


Can you bleach a dead tooth?

Bleaching dead tooth

You may have had a hard blow to your mouth. Then it may be that a small piece of tooth has broken off. In addition, you can also suffer from a dead tooth. You can also suffer from it without noticing it. Still, a dead tooth often gives complaints and you notice this. It often does not look very nice. That is why we often get the question: Can you bleach a dead tooth?


How often teeth whitening?

How often teeth whitening

You start with teeth whitening and of course we understand that you want to know how often you can whiten your teeth. That cappuchino, that pinot noir or that tasty meal salad can quickly discolour your teeth. Many foods simply contain many dyes that make your teeth more yellow. As a result, your teeth lose their natural white color. As with many other care products, it is therefore important to maintain this. How often can you bleach your teeth?


Teeth whitening with (hydrogen) peroxide or without peroxide

Teeth whiteng with or without hydrogen peroxide

Since 1 November 2012, a new law has been introduced in the EU for teeth whitening with (hydrogen) peroxide. Dentists are allowed to use concentrations of up to 6% hydrogen peroxide in their whitening gel. In addition, a bleaching practice, beauty salon, beauty salon or webshop may use levels of hydrogen peroxide of 0.0 – 0.1%. These laws and regulations apply to all countries of the European Union (EU). Can you whiten teeth without peroxide or should you whiten your teeth with peroxide? In this blog we answer all questions about whitening your teeth with peroxide and without peroxide.