From what age can I use a teeth whitening product?

Age teeth whitening

You ask yourself: What is the minimum age to safely whiten your teeth? We understand that you are asking yourself this, certainly because you can easily use the Fleeck products, top quality products, at home. It is officially allowed to use a teeth whitening product from the age of 18. This is not allowed below that age, even if you are supervising it as an adult.

You can only whiten your teeth from the age of 18. This has to do with the development of the teeth. You can find more information about teeth whitening under the age of 18 in this research. Children are still developing. In that period it is important not to use Fleeck products to bleach your teeth safely.

Important tip: Do you find your teeth very yellow or have brown stains on them? But are you not yet 18 years old? You can safely use a teeth whitening product from the age of 18. Make sure you brush your teeth as well as possible until then.

How old do you have to be to whiten your teeth at Fleeck?

Teeth whitening: from what age is that wise? To safely bleach your teeth and get a natural smile, you must be officially 18 years old. We then speak of adult teeth. When you are 18, you are also physically and mentally mature. That is an important condition to safely bleach your teeth and get a natural white smile. So maybe you have to wait a little bit more to get the new experience of teeth whitening with the Fleeck formula.

The age limit for the dentist and other specialists is 18 years or older. They will generally not accept minors, as this is only permitted from the age of 18.

age teeth whitening

From what age can you whiten your teeth?

It is much harder to check if your teeth are whitening at home if you are under 18 years old. Fleeck advises any costumer to bleach their teeth if you are 18 years +. Fleeck has designed a formula that is very effective and has been carefully tested on adults. Our products are suitable for adult teeth. This makes our products safe and tested for adult teeth. It is important to handle this with care, for example by properly applying the bit, the bleaching gel and a bleaching lamp.

Do you want to brush your teeth with a natural fluoride free toothpaste that will whiten your teeth? That is possible at any age, but we advise you to take the recommended age limit into account. That means that you can bleach your teeth from the age of 18, for a radiant white smile to be proud of.

Bleaching your own teeth as a minor

Do you want to bleach your teeth yourself as a minor? How old you have to be for teeth whitening is something that many of our fans ask aloud. You can theoretically whiten your teeth as a minor, for example by ordering our natural whitening toothpaste.

In line with the guideline that dentists and other specialists adhere to, we advise you to use it from the age of 18. Teeth whitening at home offers a number of important benefits for getting whiter teeth. Think of bleaching your teeth with safe, effective products at a moment you prefer. Are you now 18 years or older and do you want to bleach your teeth? At Fleeck you can order online the products that you need to make your teeth beautifully natural white. From the moment that you are old enough for it, we at Fleeck ensure that you can get white teeth safely. So you can get a beautiful white smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

From what age can I whiten my teeth?

You must be 18 or older to whiten your teeth. When you are eighteen or older your teeth are fully grown and you can start whitening your teeth.

Can I also whiten my teeth if I have braces?

That depends on the type of bracket. If you have a night braces, you can bleach your teeth. If you have a picture bracket, you better not bleach your teeth.

How long do I have to wait for teeth whitening after braces?

Je kunt het beste twee weken wachten met tanden bleken als je beugel eruit gaat. Vaak zitten er witte vlekjes op de plaatsen van de plaatjesbeugel. Na twee weken zijn je tanden vaak weer egaal van kleur. Dan kun je beginnen met tanden bleken.

How can I whiten my teeth if I am a minor?

Everything starts with good oral care and good oral hygiene. You do this firstly by brushing your teeth well and cleaning your teeth well.


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