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Flossing with braces? Practical tips and explanations!

Flossing with braces? Practical tips and explanations!

Created: September 15, 2022 | Updated: December 19, 2022

Want to floss your teeth properly with braces? Taking good care of your teeth is always important. Yet there are factors where extra care is definitely advisable, to address the cause of plaque. Good braces oral care may even be just a step more important than when you don’t wear braces. One of these factors is wearing braces.

The importance of plaque removal around your braces

When you wear braces, keeping your teeth and mouth clean can be an extra challenge. This is because plaque can form quite easily. This, in turn, can make cavities and inflammations easier to develop. To prevent this, extra good oral care is highly recommended. Brush your teeth after every meal. Flossing is also recommended. Supplement your oral care with a fluoride mouthwash. Do this once or twice a day. This will prevent cavities from forming around the brackets. Do not combine the fluoride rinse with brushing your teeth; choose another time of day for this. When you finish work or before exercising, for example.

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Making flossing with braces easier

When you wear braces, flossing can be tricky. Of course, you don’t want your floss to get stuck in the branckets of your braces. Therefore, choose to floss with waxed floss. Floss not only between your teeth but also through the bracket wire. Be very careful when flossing and make gentle and slow movements. Although waxed floss does not easily get stuck between your braces, it can break off. Try to avoid this.

Best water flosser for braces

There are several water flossers for braces on the market. Which one is the best? A water flosser removes up to 99% of plaque and improves the health of your gums.  The results of different water flossers have been clinically proven and this water flosser is really a must-have for anyone who takes their oral hygiene seriously.

Best floss for braces

The best way to floss with braces starts with the right floss. Will you go for single floss or a floss and toothpick in one?  Floss for braces is a fine floss because it possesses wax. This allows it to glide more easily between your teeth and braces.

Best Floss picks for braces

You also have a floss that attaches to a toothpick, because it attaches to a stick you have a two-in-one model. This allows you to take optimal care of your teeth.

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Tips for flossing with braces

1. Floss after every meal.

2. Use floss with wax. This is to prevent the floss from getting stuck in the brackets of your braces.

3. Make subtle and slow movements between your teeth and through the brackets. Don’t go too fast, avoid breaking the floss.

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Make sure you buy the right product. Floss Picks are very nice because they give you floss and a toothpick in one. This allows you to take the best care of your teeth. Move the floss delicately between the teeth and between the braces. Take your time and don't go too fast.

The best way to floss with braces starts with the right floss. Will you go for single floss or a floss and toothpick in one? In any case, make sure you take floss with wax. This is to prevent your floss from getting stuck in your braces and allowing it to slip through nice and easy. Make gentle and subtle movements to prevent the floss from breaking

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