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Causes and consequences of bleeding gums

Causes and consequences of bleeding gums

Created: September 28, 2022 | Updated: April 8, 2023

Many people have experienced bleeding gums. The point, however, is that bleeding gums often do not hurt. Nevertheless, it is important to know the causes and consequences of gum bleeding in order to prevent gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis with it

What is bleeding gums?

Most people ignore it for this reason and go on living quietly. Yet bleeding gums are not as harmless as many people think. In fact, bleeding gums can have far-reaching consequences for your health and your teeth. In this text, we take a closer look at the phenomenon of bleeding gums.

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Bleed gums cause

Bleeding gums are almost always caused by incipient gum inflammation. This, in turn, is caused by plaque. This is a sticky layer full of bacteria. You get these bacteria in your mouth through food particles and saliva. It settles in the edges of the teeth and thus in the gums. Dental plaque accumulates and if left untreated, it can harden. Then it is called tartar and this is very difficult to remove. You can also face bleeding gums in other situations. Consider vitamin deficiency, dry mouth, smoking and diabetes. In most people, however, it is caused by plaque and tartar.

Symptoms bleeding gums

People with gum disease often have bleeding gums when brushing their teeth. In some people, however, the gums can also start bleeding out of nowhere. In that case, you already have advanced inflammation and it is then advisable to make an appointment with the dental hygienist. Other symptoms may also accompany bleeding gums. For example, some people get a metallic taste in the mouth. In addition, the gums may become very red. It can also be painful to light touch, and often people with bleeding gums also have bad breath.

Implications of bleeding gums

Inflamed gums can also result in inflammation towards the jawbone. This causes the gums to loosen from the teeth. This creates a deepened pocket. The deeper the inflammation is, the more dangerous it is. At some point, the teeth can become loose, and then you often need dentures. An advanced form of inflammation is called periodontitis. You can prevent periodontitis by fixing bleeding gums as soon as possible. Regular visits to the dental hygienist are also recommended.

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Can bleeding gums heal on their own?

While bleeding gums can heal, this applies only to the early stages. With advanced gum disease, healing is no longer possible. Then it is important to limit the damage. At the dentist, there are several treatments for periodontitis. However, the disadvantage is that these treatments are quite expensive. Moreover, it never gets better after that. However, it can prevent the removal of teeth. This is why it is so important to cure inflammation.

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Frequently asked questions

The cause of bleeding gums is often inflammation. This is caused by plaque and tartar. For this reason, you should not only brush your teeth properly with the brush, but also clean between the teeth. This is because that is where the toothbrush cannot reach properly. Bleeding gums often seem harmless because they don't hurt. However, advanced gum disease can be extremely dangerous. Not only for your teeth, but also for your general health.

Prolonged gum inflammation often affects your teeth. The inflammation goes deeper and deeper, and after a while it can start to inflame near the bone. Then the teeth become loose and you always need treatment.

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