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Brushing gums? Brushing instructions for healthy gums!

Brushing gums? Brushing instructions for healthy gums!

Created: February 7, 2023 | Updated: May 4, 2023

Almost everyone has dealt with ignited gums at one time or another. Inflamed gums can bleed heavily. Severe gum inflammation can even cause loose teeth. Above all, do not be afraid of bleeding gums. Bleeding gums in particular require extra attention. Get a thorough dental cleaning so that your gums shine again. So always brush the edges of your gums with it.

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Why is it important to brush your gums

Should I brush my gums? You should also brush your gums along with your teeth. This is because under the gumline, food particles collect. These cause bacteria to grow. If you don’t brush your gums, they will become inflamed. You will then get irritated, swollen and bleeding gums. A good electric toothbrush easily takes in the gum edges. By thoroughly cleaning each piece of your gumline, all the bacteria from these gaps are brushed away. This way, your gums stay healthy and strong.

Good care of your teeth prevents cavities and other dental problems

Make sure you brush all surfaces, nooks and crannies of your teeth. Sometimes it is difficult to get between teeth with a toothbrush. You should therefore use floss and toothpicks as a supplement, to remove all food particles between the teeth. Bacteria nestle mainly between the gumline and between the teeth. They are least vulnerable here, as they can hide well there. If you are brushing too quickly or too superficially, chances are you will skip these areas and allow the bacteria to do their own thing entirely.

Brushing becomes increasingly unpleasant, as the gums bleed with each brushing. By brushing properly twice a day, you prevent bacteria and plaque from accumulating. Bacteria cause gingivitis, tooth erosion and tooth decay, for instance. As a result, you get cavities in your molars or inflammation in the root. In the latter case, you will have to undergo root canal treatment at your dentist. So, brushing and flossing properly prevents a lot of misery.

Gums that bleed while brushing

Inflamed gums are very vulnerable. Even a soft toothbrush can easily damage the gums. This causes the gums to bleed. Some people are afraid to brush properly because of this. Nevertheless, it is important to continue brushing well, even if your gums bleed a lot. Do not press too hard while brushing and, if necessary, use toothpaste for sensitive gums. The upper edge of your gums should be brushed especially well. This is where most plaque occurs.

This is the best way to brush your gums

It is mainly indispensable to clean the transition of your teeth and gums. So tackle the edge thoroughly and, if necessary, press a little against the gum line.

First, it is important that you choose a soft nano toothbrush or electric toothbrush. This electric toothbrush should preferably have a sensitive mode. Soft bristles damage your gums as little as possible. In addition, gums are less likely to bleed.

The brush should be angled towards the tooth. Some of the bristles cover the gum line. Do not brush too hard. Light pressure is sufficient.

It is wise to gently massage your gums. You do this by turning your toothbrush slightly. This technique improves blood flow to your gums. The gums will then recover faster.

It is best to start with the front of your teeth. Next, clean the inside of your teeth. Finally, the chewing surfaces can be brushed.

Gum Care Package

Gum Care Package


Wireless Water Flosser

Wireless Water Flosser


Hygienic products for gum cleaning

Water flosser

Flossing can also be a painful job with inflamed gums. That is why you can find several water flossers on offer. These electric flossers clean food particles with a powerful water jet.

Floss floss

Floss is relatively soft. You can therefore use floss with inflamed gums just fine. A toothpick is more likely to damage gums. Floss is also available with a flavour. This provides extra freshness. Look in the range for floss.

Electric toothbrush

It is very pleasant to brush your gums with an electric toothbrush or soft toothbrush. You have much less pain and the movements are pleasant for your teeth. There are many types of electric toothbrushes. Choose an electric toothbrush for sensitive gums and toothbrush heads with soft bristles. Check out the extensive range now.


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Your gums, like your teeth, should be kept clean. This is because it prevents bacteria from causing inflammation and plaque. The gumline is particularly important. This is where the bacteria settle.

It is best to brush gently. Put a nano toothbrush or electric brush on the edge of your gums. This is the bit of transition from tooth to gum. Make gentle brushing movements. Brush one spot for a few seconds before brushing the next spot.

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