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Brushing electrically? 5 benefits of an electric toothbrush!

Brushing electrically? 5 benefits of an electric toothbrush!

Created: September 15, 2022 | Updated: March 25, 2023

We all brush our teeth twice a day. Electric toothbrushing or just using a manual toothbrush: everyone has their own preference. Yet there are quite a few advantages to electric toothbrushing. What exactly is the advantage of electric toothbrushing?

The advantages of brushing with an electric toothbrush

It is, of course, easy, such an electric toothbrush. All you have to do is hold the electric toothbrush in the right place and all the work is done for you. Handy isn’t it? Yet there are also several advantages of an electric toothbrush. We’d like to list them for you.

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More plaque removal

Most of the benefits of electric toothbrushes have to do with cleaning your teeth. With an electric toothbrush, you can easily remove twice as much plaque than with a manual toothbrush. Plaque will turn into tartar over time. Tartar, in turn, increases your risk of cavities.

The right brushing motion for your teeth

When you brush with a manual toothbrush, you are more focused on the movement of brushing. With an electric toothbrush, your electric toothbrush automatically makes the brushing movement for you. So a lot less tiring, but it also allows you to focus on positioning your toothbrush and sticking to the right order. You can also focus more on reaching harder-to-reach places instead of moving back and forth.

Long enough brushing with a timer

Do you watch the clock or set a timer yourself when you brush your teeth? Most people don’t: they brush without keeping an eye on whether they are effectively brushing for two minutes. Chances are you are not brushing long enough. With a the benefit of a built-in timer, your electric toothbrush keeps track for you whether you have brushed long enough. As a result, you will brush for longer than with a manual toothbrush. Brushing longer ensures more plaque removal and therefore cleaner, healthier teeth. Your gums will thank you too.

Easy and comfortable electric brushing

With the electric toothbrush’s automatic brushing motion and thicker handle that fits snugly in your palm, you can brush more relaxed and comfortably.

Reducing gum disease with electric brushing

Some electric toothbrushes have a pressure sensor, which prevents you from brushing too hard. If you do brush too hard, a red light will light up, or your toothbrush will stop brushing. Brushing hard can cause gum disease.

An electric toothbrush also cleans better at the tooth/gum interface and between the teeth themselves. So with better and gentler cleaning, you will face less gum disease.

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Experience the benefits of electric brushing yourself

Are you convinced of the benefits of electric toothbrushing? Then be sure to try out an electric toothbrush and see how you like it. Also order enough brush heads right away, so you can replace your brush head every 3 months.

You can also give each family member an individual brush head, so everyone in the family can enjoy the benefits.

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Frequently asked questions

Electric toothbrushing removes up to twice as much plaque as manual toothbrushing. The automatic brushing motion will provide more comfort while brushing your teeth, while it can also reach hard-to-reach areas. Through the built-in timer and pressure sensor, you will more easily brush for sufficient time and not too hard. This will benefit your oral health.

An electric toothbrush makes much faster and automatic brushing movements for your teeth. It reaches the hard-to-reach spots and provides more plaque removal than with manual brushing. Brushing too hard is also a thing of the past.

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