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6 effective methods to keep your gums healthy!

6 effective methods to keep your gums healthy!

Created: September 29, 2022 | Updated: July 26, 2023

Many people face it in their lives: inflamed gums. A terrible feeling that you would prefer to avoid in your life. Some people think this is not possible, but taking a number of precautions can significantly reduce the risk of inflamed gums. Some of these include brushing your teeth at least twice a day, using an electric toothbrush, using gum-strengthening toothpaste and getting started with dental floss and a tongue cleaner once in a while. Below are some tips on how to make your teeth even brighter than they already are: with healthy gums, you dare to laugh out loud again! But the question is: how to get healthy gums?

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What is healthy gums?

But, the question is: how to recognise healthy gums? Gums are popularly known as gingiva. You can recognise the health of your gums by several things:

  • A healthy gum colour is light pink
  • Your gums are tight and there are few gaps between your gums and teeth
  • It bleeds little to no

If you do not recognise these characteristics, then your gums may become inflamed over time.

What colour do healthy gums have?

As mentioned above, healthy gums are pink in colour. If your gums are coloured dark red or bright red, it is more convenient to take the state of your gums a little more seriously. You can seek help by seeing a dentist or dental hygienist, but you can also look up tips on the internet or use the information in this article.

Methods to improve gum health

Below are some methods cited on how you can improve the condition of your gums!

Brushing your teeth to keep your gums healthy

First of all, it is crucial that you brush your teeth at least twice a day. If you don’t do this, plaque will build up and you can get inflamed gums.

Cleaning between teeth

Plaque is mostly found between your teeth, so it is extra important to keep these areas clean! If you floss daily, you are also less likely to get gingivitis.

Rinse with antibacterial rinse agent

You can also choose to clean your mouth with an antibacterial rinse after you brush your teeth. This remedy kills bacteria and makes your gums less likely to become inflamed.

Use gum-strengthening toothpaste

A gum-strengthening toothpaste allows your gums to recover faster and creates an extra layer that can protect your gums from various bacteria.

Using oil pulling for healthy gums

Oil pulling is an ancient tradition in India. Using this oil ensures that your gums strengthen and are better protected from invaders that cause your gums to inflame. Put the oil in a cup of tea and you won’t taste a thing!

Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling


Visiting your dentist

There is no need to put off your dental visits at all! The dentist is there to help you can assess the status of your teeth like the best. At the dentist, you will learn all the things you should or can do to take your gums to the next level. Because: the health of your teeth and gums is number one!

Preventive oral care against gum disease

If you’d like to visit the dentist less often because of inflamed gums, the best thing you can do is add one of the above methods to your routine. Rinse your mouth with rinse aid and use a gum-strengthening toothpaste or toothpaste tablets.

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Frequently asked questions

Healthy gums a (light) pink colour. It is important that your gums do not bleed while brushing and that they do not bother you in everyday life. For people with a slightly darker complexion, the gums can be a bit dark pink!

There are many things you can do to give your gums a helping hand. You can choose to floss every day, but brushing with an electric toothbrush with gum-strengthening toothpaste, or taking gum tablets can also make a difference! The choice is yours.

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