Whiter teeth using baking soda

Teeth whitening with baking soda

On the internet there are many fables to read about brushing teeth with baking soda. Can you get whiter teeth using baking soda? Although this research claims that you can whiten your teeth with baking soda, there is an important nuance in this: you cannot whiten or brush your teeth with baking soda yourself. If it is incorporated in your toothpaste or whitening gel, it will not hurt, but you should not start tinkering yourself. Read on why.


Can you bleach a dead tooth?

Bleaching dead tooth

You may have had a hard blow to your mouth. Then it may be that a small piece of tooth has broken off. In addition, you can also suffer from a dead tooth. You can also suffer from it without noticing it. Still, a dead tooth often gives complaints and you notice this. It often does not look very nice. That is why we often get the question: Can you bleach a dead tooth?


How often teeth whitening?

How often teeth whitening

You start with teeth whitening and of course we understand that you want to know how often you can whiten your teeth. That cappuchino, that pinot noir or that tasty meal salad can quickly discolour your teeth. Many foods simply contain many dyes that make your teeth more yellow. As a result, your teeth lose their natural white color. As with many other care products, it is therefore important to maintain this. How often can you bleach your teeth?


Teeth whitening with (hydrogen) peroxide or without peroxide

Teeth whiteng with or without hydrogen peroxide

Since 1 November 2012, a new law has been introduced in the EU for teeth whitening with (hydrogen) peroxide. Dentists are allowed to use concentrations of up to 6% hydrogen peroxide in their whitening gel. In addition, a bleaching practice, beauty salon, beauty salon or webshop may use levels of hydrogen peroxide of 0.0 – 0.1%. These laws and regulations apply to all countries of the European Union (EU). Can you whiten teeth without peroxide or should you whiten your teeth with peroxide? In this blog we answer all questions about whitening your teeth with peroxide and without peroxide.


Brushing teeth with or without water

Brush teeth with or without water

Although it can give a fresh feeling to rinse your teeth with water after brushing, according to dentists it seems better not to brush your teeth after brushing. As tempting as glass of water after brushing, you better leave it alone. Can you also brush your teeth with water? And do you have to wet your brush beforehand? In this blog everything about brushing your teeth with or without water.


Bad breath: cause & home remedy

Bad breath reasons and solutions

Everyone has experienced it: smelling bad breath. Breathe that stinks and smells like rotten eggs. About 25% of people sometimes suffer from bad breath, also called halitosis. A striking statistic: according to research, about 84% of people suffer from bad breath from a colleague or teacher.

You don’t just use your mouth to eat and drink. You also talk, laugh and you can also kiss. Bad breath (halitosis) can be very annoying and hinder you in social traffic. Can you prevent and cure bad breath? In this blog we will update you on preventing and remedying bad breath.


Does dental insurance cover teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening insurance

You look in the mirror and think: I want whiter teeth. You may want to bleach them. You don’t want to pay high bills, so you might wonder:
“Does dental insurance cover teeth whitening?” Unfortunately, in many cases this is not reimbursed by the health insurer. Bleaching your teeth is not a medically necessary procedure, it is a cosmetic procedure. That is why it does not fall under the basic health insurance package. Only the most comprehensive supplementary dental insurance policies reimburse (in part) teeth whitening. It is good to find out with your health insurer, because this can differ considerably.


How much does teeth whitening cost?

Costs of teeth whitening

You watch your favorite series or you see a celebrity with white teeth and you think: I also want whiter teeth. But what does teeth whitening cost? There are many different providers. For example, you can have your teeth whitened at a teeth whitener. Or at the dentist. You will also find many providers online. You are shocked by the prices and the different price / quality ratio for teeth whitening. But then: teeth whitening at the dentist has a high cost. And they are often not reimbursed. On the other hand, they use the same items at a bleaching clinic as at Fleeck. Only you pay more to whiten your teeth less often. Can you also whiten your teeth cheaply?


Teeth whitening with crowns

Teeth whitening with crowns

Sometimes your teeth bother you and you need a crown. Many people have crowns. A crown is a kind of “fake tooth”. You would like to see this “fake tooth” a bit whiter. That is why we at Fleeck understand that you are wondering: can you whiten teeth with crowns? And can you whiten your teeth with a bridge? In this blog we explain everything about how to whiten teeth with crowns, bridges or fillings.


How does teeth whitening work?

How does teeth whitening work

Of course we understand your wish to get whiter teeth. But how does teeth whitening work? Is it safe to bleach your teeth yourself? There are many fables on the internet about teeth whitening. We give you an answer to the question whether teeth whitening really works.


Benefits of teeth whitening at home

Benefits of teeth whitening at home

We understand that you are curious about the benefits of teeth whitening. You may prefer to know the benefits of whitening your teeth yourself. Fleeck has put them in a row on the basis of experiences. The Fleeck formula is based on scientific research and teeth whitening experiences from our customers. They use our quality products for a radiant white smile.


Fleeck: A new teeth whitening experience in 2020

New experience with Fleeck teeth whitening products

Curious about Fleeck, a new experience that will make your teeth whiten? Fleeck is a revolutionary new beauty brand. Fleeck stands for ecologically responsible beauty products and quality. In addition, we have a good price quality to whiten your teeth. But what are the teeth whitening experiences and reviews?


From what age can I use a teeth whitening product?

Age teeth whitening

You ask yourself: What is the minimum age to safely whiten your teeth? We understand that you are asking yourself this, certainly because you can easily use the Fleeck products, top quality products, at home. It is officially allowed to use a teeth whitening product from the age of 18. This is not allowed below that age, even if you are supervising it as an adult.


How to remove brown spots from your teeth

Brown spots on teeth

Do you suffer from brown spots on your teeth? A beautiful white smile is a wonderful way to present yourself to others. We understand it is very annoying if there are impurities and stains on your teeth. Moreover, it is not good for the health of your teeth. Fortunately, you can do something about it yourself, with top Fleeck products that you can use at home.