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Fleeck is the perfect webshop if you want to look well-groomed and confident. You feel great and the whole world can see it. You are "on Fleek". We offer an exclusive look into our range and offer you products that improve your quality of life. The products are tested, scientifically proven and have a beautiful design with a cool, trendy look.

Wittere tanden

White teeth

A row of radiant white teeth not only looks great, it arouses sympathy and boosts your confidence. As a man, it yourself can increase your chances of meeting a beautiful woman. Your smile is one of the things that a woman takes good care of. According to a recent study by, 71% of women say they judge a man based on his teeth. True beauty is naturally on the inside, still men attach great importance to personal care by a woman. For example, a recent study shows that no fewer than 60% of men see a woman with yellow teeth as the biggest beauty offender. In other words: a beautiful smile makes you attractive.

"A smile can be very inviting, a whiter smile is fascinating and exciting," says Arthur Glosman, dentist in Beverly Hills.

Teeth whitening

Nowadays you can whiten your teeth in many places. For example, you can bleach your teeth at the dentist, a bleaching salon or you can bleach your teeth yourself. Unfortunately, whitening your teeth at the dentist is often very expensive and the safety at a bleaching salon is questionable. In addition, you can only have your teeth whitened once, while recent research shows that you have to whiten your teeth more often to see results. It is therefore not surprising that teeth whitening or teeth whitening is popular. Yet there are many questions about this topic. Is it safe, which methods are there and is the effect lasting?

"You can have your teeth whitened by your dentist, but nowadays there are also whitening products for home use that do not damage your teeth and gums and give your teeth a nice tint."

Source: article - Tooth whitening can be done safely and responsibly at home


Bleaching your own teeth

You can bleach your teeth at home with safe and trusted products. You can get white teeth without having to go to a vague whitening clinic or expensive dentist. It is the easiest way to effectively bleach teeth. Moreover, scientific research shows that it is most effective in the short and long term, because you use a custom bit.

Tooth whitening requires maintenance, so it is important to make time for this regularly. This is possible during expensive treatments in a bleaching clinic or at the dentist, but is much easier at home and also a lot cheaper.

Teeth whiteningin 3 steps

Bleaching your teeth yourself does not have to be difficult or expensive. We will gladly take you along in the steps towards a brighter & whiter smile!

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Teeth whitening is safe

At Fleeck you can bleach your teeth 100% safely. All our products have been extensively tested and found to be 100% safe on the basis of European laws and regulations. Strict standards apply to bleaching products. All Fleeck products meet this standard. That means that you can use our products safely and without worry. In the comfort of your own home, during your favorite series. Without visiting the dentist or visiting expensive whitening salons several times.

If you have more questions about the safe bleaching of your teeth, our staff will be happy to tell you more about the important laws and regulations that all our products meet. Our service desk is available on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. In addition, our products are delivered quickly. Ordered on business days before 11 pm = next business day delivery. Order one of our products from the range online. We are happy to help you get white teeth at home. So that you can be completely "on fleek"!

Bestel thuis

Safe teeth whitening

Nowadays you can bleach your teeth yourself. This is best done with safe products that you can order online. Simply from us in the online webshop, without having to leave the house. The easiest, safest and cheapest way to bleach your teeth and get a bright white smile. All Fleeck products have been tested for safety. All products contain a maximum of 0.1% hydrogen peroxide and have been tested for effectiveness. This makes our products to bleach your teeth 100% safe.

Beautiful, white color of your teeth

A beautiful, white color of your teeth makes you more confident and gives you a great feeling. You dare to laugh out loud again at that joke (without putting your hand over your mouth). You radiate with radiant white teeth. Our products for bleaching your teeth are effective, completely safe and come with a clear manual. The easiest way to get white teeth at home without an expensive bleaching clinic or dentist. At Fleeck you can get radiant white teeth. With that there is no reason anymore to let others see your smile.

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The price of self-whitening your teeth

Are you curious about the price of whitening your teeth yourself? At Fleeck we use the latest technology. As a result, the best state-of-the-art products to bleach your teeth come online. If you do not need high teeth it turned out to be a cost, but you would like to get started yourself. We are happy to bring you the best price-quality ratio with professional, affordable products.

Sonic brushing teeth (From € 70)

This new method of brushing teeth ensures that you can get whiter teeth quickly and effectively. The special toothbrush with three vibration speeds brushes up to 31,000 times per minute and also whitens your teeth. Equipped with DuPont brush heads for the perfect fit, Blue Light technology and Sonic Vibration technology. Scientifically proven to be the most effective way to brush your teeth. The toothbrush is also completely waterproof. With this toothbrush you can get whiter teeth everywhere. Brushing teeth has never been this much fun!


Jane S.
Jane S.
Fleeck personally has everything that I expect from a brand. Besides the good results and the research into the products, I also find customer service great. Within a few hours I already received a response and a few hours later the package was in the mailbox!
Maria K.
Maria K.
Immediately in love when I used the product for the first time! It is exactly the quality that I was looking for, thanks !!!
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